10 Decorating Ideas For Your Bundt Cake

10 Decorating Ideas For Your Bundt Cake

So, you have made your Bundt cake? Now you have to decorate it to attract the guests or the members of your family. Are you demented about what to do or unsure how to make it appealing? Then the decorating ideas shared here are going to help you a lot.

10 Decorating Ideas For Your Bundt Cake
10 Decorating Ideas For Your Bundt Cake

Fresh Flowers

If you would like to surprise your husband with this tasty dessert, you can keep fresh flowers at the center of the cake to give him a romantic treat.

Apple Like Appearance

Join two cakes together and cover them with red colored frosting. This apple like cake is the perfect option for the kids or a school party.

Cookies For Garnishing

Have you made some fresh cookies? Then break them into small pieces and spread them over the cake. These will give your cake a crunchiness.

Green Frosting And Candies

Have you ever tried to convert your very basic Bundt cake into a delectable dessert for the Christmas? Yes! It is really possible. Cover your cake with green frosting, spread some red candies on the top and attach a bow. That’s it. Your plain cake has become a mouthwatering dessert.


Marshmallow is a wonderful ingredient that can convert the basic cake into an eye-catching dessert. It is especially suitable for the kids. Cover the plain cake with melted chocolate and place the marshmallows on it.

Colorful Sprinkles

Want to decorate your cake in some simple ways? Then coat the top with the glaze and add some colorful sprinkles on it and you are done.

Chopped Candy Bar

I am sure you are fond of the candy bar. Do you prefer one particular candy bar? Ever thought of cutting this candy bar and use the pieces on your cake? No no, do not curse yourself. If you haven’t figured that till now, think now; rather do it right now. Buy your favorite candy, chop it, and use them to garnish your plain cake.

Powdered Sugar

I am sure you are bored with the same old shape of this Bundt cake. So why not give it some unique shape by using a fancy cake pan? You can buy a container of snowflake shape and make your cake in it. Once done, you can serve it right away. Or, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar for the extra punch.

10 Decorating Ideas For Your Bundt Cake
10 Decorating Ideas For Your Bundt Cake

Sugared Cranberries As A Filling

Looking for an idea that will make your cake an excellent choice for the Christmas party? Then just make your cake and fill the center with sugared cranberries. The concoction of cake and cranberries in your mouth will make you literally dance with joy.

Dry Fruits For Extra Kick

I am sure you are fond of dry fruits, like cashews, raisins, pistachios, or almonds. So why don’t you use them to decorate your plain cake and make it more delicious? You can add chopped pistachios or chopped almonds on the top of the cake. To make it a showstopper, you can cut all the dry fruits and garnish the cake with this mixed chopped dry fruits.

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