50th Birthday Cake Ideas for a Loving Dad

50th birthday cake ideas

Your dad in your life might not be bowled over by pretty cupcakes and delicate decorations, but we reckon they love nothing better than tucking in to a generous wedge of sweet-tasting sponge – particularly when it’s their birthday!

We’ve rounded up our best birthday cakes for dads, including Malteser covered masterpieces and banana cake classics. He’ll love ’em.

Maltesers layer cake

A chocolate cake

We don’t know if it’s the layers of sponge or the Malteser-encrusted icing, but there’s something very butch and blokey about this cake! Not only will he love the crunchy topping and fluffy sponge, but the creamy chocolate ganache makes it extra indulgent, too.

Pinata cake

a cake

Pack this cake with his favourite sweets and chocolates and decorate with his favourite flavoured buttercream too. It’ll be the perfect surprise!

Black Forest gateau cake

Bad-boy chef Gordon Ramsay gives the classic pud a masculine twist with this delectable black forest cake topped with oozing cherry compote. Simply add two spoons and enjoy!

Spiced squash ring cake

This cake really does taste as good as it looks. The butternut squash makes the sponge extra moist and the thick creamy frosting makes the cake extra sweet – he’ll love it!

Reese’s Pieces peanut butter cake

Imagine Dad’s face when you bring him this epic cake on his special day! This cake is massive and is sure to feed the whole family as well as putting a big smile on the luckily man’s face!

Banana cake with caramel drizzle

This delicious banana cake with caramel drizzle is all about the flavour. It’s a classic cake that you’ll want to whip up for every occasion. The sweet pecans and soft banana sponge makes this cake hard to resist. Your man will love it!

Giant rainbow cupcake

If your hubby or partner is a serious kid at heart, he’ll love this impressive rainbow cupcake. Not only is this cake massive, you can cover it with buttercream or melted chocolate and watch his face light up when he cuts into it and discovers a vibrant rainbow sponge!

Father’s Day cake

If you spoiled your mum rotten on Mother’s Day, then why not make your dad feel super-special with this Father’s Day cake? If you’re planning on making it for his birthday you can just re-write the edible message on top – it’s that simple!

Chocolate explosion cake

If he loves chocolate, he’ll go crazy for this explosion drip cake! Top it with all of his favourite chocolate treats.

Oreo layer cake

This Oreo cake is a real showstopper and really emphasises the flavours in these popular biscuits.

Stained glass cake

This cake really has the wow factor! Instead of doing rainbow colours you could make the stained glass all in your man’s favourite colour.

No-bake Snickers cheesecake

If the main man in your life doesn’t like cake, why not try making a cheesecake for his birthday? This No-bake Snickers cheesecake is so easy and can be prepared ahead of time!

These are the best birthday cakes you have got to try.

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