9 Smarty-Pants Baking Tricks

9 Smarty-Pants Baking Tricks

Baking is a soulful art. Creating desserts in your kitchen is an exceptional experience. Many people love baking. Desserts are a savory dish that everyone craves. So this initiates a temptation to bake desserts at home. Although baking involves simple ingredients, perfect baking needs skills. Sometimes certain tricks solve many baking problems. These baking tricks make baking easy. Pies, cookies, and cakes are easy to make at home with simple ingredients and some skills. With a little creativity, you can make bakery-style cakes and desserts at home.

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9 Smarty-Pants Baking Tricks

Top Baking Tricks

Use a mason jar lid as a muffin pan: People buy muffin trays for baking muffins. For making round muffins, you can place jar lids on the baking tray. Then place muffin cups and grease it with oil. Place it in the oven and bake. You will get round muffins by using a muffin tray. Also, these are readily available in every household kitchen.

Vegetable peeler for chocolate curls: Dressing chocolate curls over pies, cookies, and cakes gives them a mouth-watering chocolaty look. Instead of buying chocolate shreds, you can take a bar of chocolate and scrap layers of chocolate for dressing using a vegetable peeler.

Wine Bottle as a rolling pin: Sometimes, if you are missing rolling pin for rolling dough, don't worry. There's a perfect alternative in your kitchen.  You can use wine bottle for rolling the dough. Remove if any label of the wine bottle and wash it well before using. Empty or full wine bottles can be used as a rolling pin. Also, you can cover your dough with plastic wrap and then roll it with the bottle.

Other Tricks

Plastic wrap as a piping bag: Frosting completes the look you want on a cake. Piping bags are no different from plastic bags. So you can easily use plastic bags instead of spending money on buying piping bags. Take a clean plastic bag, drop the piping pin on one end, and fill it with frosting. Then cut the plastic at the end of the piping pin and you are ready to design your cake with frosting.

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9 Smarty-Pants Baking Tricks

Water bottle as egg separator: Squeeze an empty water bottle to separate egg yolks from egg whites. The suction on squeezing empty bottle draws egg yolks away from egg whites.

DIY cookbook stand: Placing cookbook in the right place in your kitchen prevents you from getting confused. A book stand prevents the page from turning. So prepare your DIY book stand using a hanger and clips. Just clip your open book using two clips on the hanger, and hang it on any kitchen knob to read.

Warm glass jar for melting butter: To bring butter at room temperature, fill a glass jar with hot water. Then empty the jar and cover the butter slab with this jar, you butter will melt up to room temperature in minutes.

Using cake mix as cookie dough: You can use cake mix as cookie dough by adding half cup vegetable oil and two eggs to this dough.

Instant cake carrier: Add four to five bamboo skewers to the cake and cover plastic wrap over them to make immediate cake carrier.

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