All About Making Cake Flour: How To Make Your Own

All About Making Cake Flour (And How To Make Your Own).

After a delicious meal, all we want is a great dessert and cake is the first option which comes in our mind. To make a perfect cake, the cake flour matters a lot. One can use all-purpose flour, bread flour, or cake flour which is prepared at home. The difference between these flours is the amount of protein and gluten content.

All About Making Cake Flour (And How To Make Your Own).
All About Making Cake Flour (And How To Make Your Own).

Need For Homemade Cake Flour:

Some cakes and cupcakes require homemade cake flour. When you want to bake a delicate and soft cake with a crisp crumb, you need cake flour.

A classic vanilla cakes calls for flour made at home, and you can make it from scratch. Cakes made from cake flour has a nice and delicate texture which all-purpose cake doesn’t have.

You make the flour at home with two ingredients which you already have in your the kitchen. The outcome won’t be the same as using all-purpose flour. But it’s quite a close comparison. You can use homemade flour with any recipe. But for perfection, always use the best ingredients suitable for that recipe.

For Making Your Cake Flour, You Will Need The Following:

•a sifter
•all-purpose flour
•a tablespoon
•a cup for measuring


•Put two tablespoons of cornstarch in the measuring cup.
•Now add all-purpose flour little by little over the cornstarch. Do not stuff the cup with the floor, gently add little by little till the container is filled with flour.
•Now with the help of a knife, level the cup and remove the excess flour.
•Now pass the mixture through the sifter for about 4-6 times. This helps in adding air to the flour. The more you sift the flour, the better.
(the method mentioned above is to make one cup of flour, you can repeat the process for more cups if needed)

All About Making Cake Flour (And How To Make Your Own).
All About Making Cake Flour (And How To Make Your Own).

Difference Between Regular And Homemade Cake Flour:

There are different types of flour and all of them have protein contents.

Bread flour contains 15 to 17 percent protein and is used for making bread at home and have cheapness which everyone loves in a classic bread.

All-purpose flour contains 11 to 13 percent of protein, and this flour mostly used for baked goods like muffins, cookies, etc. It is less chewy in texture as compared to bread flour.

The above mentioned contains approximately 6 to 7 percent of protein which is much lower compared to above-stated flours. This percentage of protein gives the cake tender texture and makes it light in weight. It gives the cake structure, which is essential in cake-making.

The mentioned recipe for the cakes is quick and straightforward to make, and you can also make it in advance and store it too. The making of cake’s flour can carry from person to person and depends on what the recipe requires. Do give it a try, and you will be glad about the outcome.

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