Baking Your Own Cake is Healthier Than Bakes With a Commercial Cake Mix

making your own cake

One of my friends had wanted to make a cake for his friend's birthday, so she decided to take a little bit of advice on how to make your own cake. I have made cakes for birthdays and Christmas in the past, but I was pretty new to making anything edible out of scratch. However, it turned out that making your own cake mix really isn't that hard.

The first thing you need is an eight inch round cake pan which you can buy at the store. You will also need an eight inch round sheet pan, which you can also buy at the store. Next you want to line the bottom of the sheet pan with two pieces of aluminum foil. Be sure to space them evenly. Then, using a food coloring pencil, color in the foil so that it matches the color of the sheet pan.

An Overview

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Now it's time to make your batter. This recipe will yield about two and a half cups of batter. You will use an entire cup of dry flour, two and a half cups of sugar, three eggs, and one and a half cups of flour. You will bake the cake according to your recipe, but you will also spray your sheet pan with cooking spray before you bake. This will help the pan not stick to the pan as you mix the batter.

Once the cake batter is mixed, you will pour it into the pan and gently fold in the two pieces of aluminum foil on top. You may want to spray the tops of the pans with food coloring if you wish. Then, using your food coloring stick, paint the top of the cake with the color of your choice. Wait until the bottom of the pan is completely painted with color before you fold in the rest of the ingredients.

Commercial Cake Mix Facts

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Once your ingredients have been mixed, you will spoon them into your sift. The sift will separate all the flour from all the sugar. After the sift is complete, you will put the uncooked flour and sugar in your mixer. Mix them until they are combined. Then you will add the baking powder, lemon juice, and oil. Mix these ingredients together until your batter is smooth and creamy.

Next, you will take your prepared cake and place it in the oven. Set the timer to bake for the recommended time and check on the cake's temperature. Once the timer goes off, remove the cake from the oven. Now you can remove the cooled cake from its pan and cool on a wire cooling rack. Once your cake has cooled completely, it is ready to be frosted.

Frost your cake with a smooth, flat cake leveler. If your frosting doesn't smooth out properly or if there are lumps in the frosting, you can add more melted vegetable oil over the entire cake or you can also add a bit of water or milk. Start by using a little bit of your frosting and work your way up to using a lot of it.

When your cake comes out of the oven, you should lift it out of its pan and it will be ready to decorate. You can use hot glue along with a toothpick to stick a balloon on the cake. If you want to give your cake a pretty look, you can paint a pretty bow on it.

After your cake has cooled off completely, you can start working on adding the other ingredients. The ingredients you will need are applesauce, vanilla pound cake mix, butter, sugar, and vegetable oil. All of these items can be purchased at a local grocery store or online. Just make sure you have them on hand and ready to go before you start baking. This way you can get them as close to the directions as possible and you won't have to worry about running out of any of the ingredients.

Bottom Line

A great way to ensure you are eating healthy while making your own cake is to use all-purpose flour. All-purpose flour is much healthier than regular flour because it contains less gluten. Gluten is the substance that causes a big difference in the texture of a cake. If you want a cake that will come out the same every time but one that is much softer and holds up better, all-purpose flour is what you need.

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