Baking Your Own Valentine’s Ice Cream Cake Ideas

valentine cake ideas

Guess what makes all the little hearts go with this simple Valentine’s Day Cake? Your hand.

How do you make them go with your Valentine’s Day cake ideas? Simple. Using your hand, touch the icing to the heart and watch it melt. Watch the heart come to life and try to recreate it with an ice cream cone. With a little practice and effort you’ll be creating candy hearts in no time. This one might require an entire day to master, but if you’re up for the challenge, more power to you.

Now here’s a Valentine’s Day dessert idea you can’t pass up, an ice cream cake covered in hearts. I bet you can guess where this inspiration came from. The heart theme is so popular right now that it wouldn’t be surprising to see hearts popping up at more weddings and events. Check out our Valentine’s Day dessert ideas and see how much fun you can have decorating ice cream hearts.

An Un-Moldable Ice Cream Cake

Start with an un-moldable ice cream cake, such as Dairy Queen’s Heart Chocolate Mint Chip. Cover it in your favorite flavor of ice cream and bake it in a hot oven. You can use any flavor of ice cream you like but if you want to try something different try something with lots of nuts or cinnamon, chocolate covered fruit, or even mint chocolate chip.

If you don’t like the idea of an ice cream cake with a heart as a centerpiece then try some heart shaped cookies. These cookie heart patterns are a little harder to make but well worth the time. Use a food color wheel to determine which food colors to match better to your cookies. For example, chocolate brown matches with red foods, fusion pink matches with orange foods, white matches with yellow and lemon yellow matches with green foods. The cookies don’t need to have flowers to match, just any color will do. Bake the cookie dough in the same pan you’ll be baking the ice cream cake in.

The Heart-Shaped Cake

A hand holding a flower

To give the heart-shaped cake another great look you could put pink frosting on the sides and then sprinkle little heart shapes all over the cake. Put a heart shaped tray on top and then frost it using pink frosting. This would be a great Valentine’s Day dessert for your girlfriend. If you really want to give her a Valentine’s Day surprise, you can even add some hearts to her dessert too. There are many other Valentine’s Day dessert ideas you could come up with but these two are some of the easiest to do.

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, so it’s only fitting that your Valentine’s cake should be something she will never forget. A big part of any good Valentine’s Day dessert is the decorations. If you want to give your Valentine’s cake a more elegant look, add some Valentine’s Day flowers to it. Roses and hearts are popular choices. Alternatively, you could use grape seed oil to coat the cake with and then place tiny rose petals in the center. Top with the eyes of chocolate and pearl.

Final Words

Valentine’s Day is a busy time of year for people looking for unique treats. However, by doing your homework, you should be able to come up with some great ideas for an ice cream cake for your Valentine’s Day. By baking the cake yourself, you can be sure that it will be a personal treat that she will never forget. So start planning that special Valentine’s Day dessert for her today!

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