Best Cake Decorating Tips For You

To start with cake decoration is an art which is limitless. To be precise cake decorating is a sugar art that uses edible decorating elements, icing or frosting to make plain boring cake visually more interesting and appealing.

Cakes are decorated to mark special events such as birthdays anniversary, religious events or for the commercial enterprises.

Best Cake Decorating Tips For You
Best Cake Decorating Tips For You

Cake decoration can be made of edible food items, icing, fondant, food-safe plastics. There are various types and ways of cake decorating such as:

Cake Decorating: Fondant

A thick paste made of sugar and water and which can be flavored or colored, used in the icing and decoration of cakes. Rolled fondant is more like sweet dough. Once completely smooth and thin enough, cake decorators can mold the fondant into many different artistic expression.

Cake Decorating: Royal icing

Hard white icing made from icing sugar and egg whites which is typically used to decorate fruit cakes. You can even add lime juice or any food flavor to make it tastier. You can use for sharp peaks and smooth covers. Royal icing is a total staple, you can even use this for decorating cookies.

Gum paste:

Gum paste icing is a sweet edible sugar dough usually made from sucrose and glucose. It should not be confused with fondant, gum paste hardens so it can take shape of almost anything and thus, makes the easy decoration.

Cake Decorating: Modeling chocolate

People use the Corn syrup and melted chocolate to make modeling chocolate to make a flexible, mouldable, delicious clay-like chocolate. It’s a great tasting alternative to fondant which can be used like fondant to cover and decorate the cake.

For decorating a cake you will also equipment’s and decorating tools to work with. These tools are a blessing to make cake sculpting and decorating easy.

Cake Decorating Tips For You
Cake Decorating Tips For You

Some of them are:

1: Cake leveler:

We use a Cake leveler to level the cake to create a flat surface for perfect decoration. The design of the tool to quickly and easily split a variety of sized cakes.

2. Turntable:

A turntable severely limits your range of motion as you are icing by providing the top platform to spin around while the base remains stationary.

3. Spatulas and scrapers:

We use spatulas to get the smoothest, professional-level edible covering for all your cakes. Most importantly, I recommend to buy both the 13-inch and the 9-inch sizes – these are more useful for a variety of decorating tasks.
Another useful tool is scraper, which design is to scrape and split bread doughs, as well as to crush and chop other ingredients, you can also use it for applying to the ice to the tops and sides of cakes. Cake Scraper guarantees you to make a FLAWLESS cake.
You can use it to make chocolate designs.

There are enormous occasions where you might need to have the best cake, there this will help you. Many cake options are available in the market but the best is the one that you make and decorate on your own. So, keep the chef in your alive!

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