Best Cake Flavors and Fillings For Your Favorite Cake

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Knowing that cake flavors and fillings make for the best cake, or even a “great” cake, can be a little tricky at times. When you are looking to impress your friends or family members with a great cake, but you do not have a lot of experience in cake making, you can be pretty much assured that you will not find the right recipe for you. It takes years of practice, trial and error, to be able to replicate the exact taste of any cake recipe. You can however, easily learn how to replicate the best cake flavors and fillings by following these simple tips.

Best Tips 

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Choose a cake recipe that appeals to you and one that you enjoy eating as well. There is no point in ruining a perfectly good cake by choosing a frosting that does not agree with you. If you are not fond of bananas then perhaps you could choose to make an edible fruit cake instead, this way you could still eat your cake without feeling guilty! However, by choosing the right cake recipes you are more likely to end up with a beautifully decorated cake, with the perfect frosting and all, but it also means you will have a delicious cake that your guests are sure to love.

Choose a cake recipe that has a versatile selection of flavors. Some cakes can easily go bad if they are saddled with the wrong frosting. Also, some people do not enjoy the feel of certain frostings, such as meringue andecake or cream cheese and chocolate. So, choose a recipe that has many options and this will ensure you will not be left disappointed.

Sweeteners & Flavors 

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Do not fall into the trap of using artificial sweeteners or flavors. There is nothing wrong with using them as long as you do not overdo it. A simple sugar-free cake recipe will taste just as yummy as a traditional cake with natural sugar, but there will be none of the calories and weight gain associated with using artificial sweeteners. The same goes for choosing a cake flavor that uses butter, oil or Splenda. You do not need these to make a delicious cake, but they are usually preferred because they do not add calories. If you have a sweet tooth, choose something with a high degree of natural sugar.

As you are looking through the many cake recipes, take a look at the list of ingredients. This will tell you the exact percentage of each ingredient that is needed in order to produce a particular recipe. Also, see if there is a list of “fillings” offered. Fillings add extra moistness to the batter and, in turn, make the cake taste better. Again, see if there is a full list of ingredients so that you are prepared for any fillings that may be needed in the recipe.

Dont Miss These

It is easy to get caught up in the creative aspect of cake decorating and neglect the basic cake baking steps. Many cake recipes will call for a certain amount of dry cake mix. Check the ingredients to be sure that this is included. Remember that if you choose a non-dairy cake, you will probably have to add more milk and butter to the dry ingredients to achieve the desired results.

There are hundreds of other recipes out there for cakes. You may be surprised at how well you do in terms of matching flavors and filling choices. The Internet is a great source for cake recipes. Look for those that use ingredients that you are already familiar with, or at least that the average household already has on hand. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for online, it is likely that your local bakery carries the specific cake recipe that you are looking for. When you shop locally for your cake recipes, you are likely to get the best selection and the best prices.


Take some time to learn about cake flavors and what is in each flavor. It can be surprising at how well cake flavors and fillings go together. Some cake recipes call for heavy cream, while others call for plain yogurt. Look at some of the recipes that appeal to you the most and see which one would be the best choice for you and your family. Once you have found your favorite cake flavors and fillings, you will be able to experiment until you find the perfect combination.

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