Cake And Pastries: How To Make A Quick Christmas Plum Cake

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Christmas comes along with joy, gifts, and cakes. Well, classic plum cakes are the best that no one can refuse to eat, and you will also enjoy baking cake and pastries in your kitchen comfortably. Well, Christmas festive days make lovely memories that you can always remember every year when there is Christmas vacation.

I remember those days of school. My mother gave pastries or cakes in my lunchbox, and I used to eat on the bus while going back home. However, that cake was the best when I shared it with my friends. Well, the Christmas tradition includes many enjoyable things like decorating houses and Christmas trees, packing gifts, and baking a special cake.

Cake And Pastries: How to Make a Quick Christmas Plum Cake
Cake And Pastries: How to Make a Quick Christmas Plum Cake

Tradition Of Christmas Cake And Pastries

Christmas cake is the gift and honor of Christ Jesus. However, many families are following the same traditional methods of celebrating Christmas as their grandparents do. It is believed that all the members of the family have to go from East to West at the time of Christmas mix for the cake to honor the three wise men.

Those three-men visited the baby Jesus. Also, the spices that you add in the mix honor these kings. However, you usually see that there are 13 ingredients in the special Christmas cake. All these thirteen ingredients symbolize God Jesus and his twelve followers.

Good Luck Coin: Special Christmas Cake And Pastries

Traditionally, people add the silver coin in the cake batter as the blessings or good luck from Jesus. Well, who will eat this piece of cake with a silver coin is lucky. Also, you can find such coins in traditional ceremonies of Christmas. Even some people may slip this coin.

However, it would help if you visited a dentist after attending such services. Hence some families have discontinued such rituals of adding coin in unique Christmas cake mixture.

Christmas Cake And Pastries Recipe:


200gram: Butter

4 to 5: Eggs

200 grams: Icing Sugar

2 Tbsp: Baking Powder

200 Gram: Flour

2 tsp: Vanilla Essence

40 Gram: Mixed Spice (cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon)

100 ml: Orange Juice

200ml: Brandy or Rum

Cake And Pastries: How to Make a Quick Christmas Plum Cake
Cake And Pastries: How to Make a Quick Christmas Plum Cake

Method: How To Make Christmas Special Cakes

Mix all the dried fruits and nuts with orange juice and rum/brandy. Leave the container closed for around a day (24 hours). Besides, you can take the quantity of alcohol like brandy or rum as per your preference.

Beat the sugar and butter for 10 to 15 minutes until the mixture becomes fluffy.

Now, add vanilla essence and eggs. Mix them for 2 to 3 minutes.

Take this butter mixture in a large container and add baking powder and flour into it.

Now, it is time to add a magical Christmas mixture that we have prepared previously with nuts and alcohol.

Mix the Christmas mixture into the batter well.

Preheat the oven at nearly 180-degree o temperature.

Pour the batter into the cake or pastries mold with the adjustable baking funnel

Bake for 45 to 50 minutes.

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