Cake Decorating At Home: Secrets of Professional Decorators At Home

cake decorating at home

Cake Decorating At Home is a popular book that gives step by step illustrated instructions for even the beginner decorator to easily create spectacular cakes. The authors of this book clearly understand that most beginners are intimidated by the prospect of decorating cakes, and so they include clear detailed instructions for each stage. They also provide interesting tips and advice on decorating different types of cakes, including those made from sugar, chocolate, or sponge.

An Overview

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The book starts with a short introductory chapter on the history of cake decorating. The use of frosting and icings is clearly explained. In particular there is a helpful section that gives some tips on using salami or apricots to create beautiful floral designs. Some very interesting and unusual ideas for decorating cake tops are presented in this chapter, including dried flowers, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream roses. Many of these ideas are surprisingly easy to implement.

Next there is a detailed discussion of the uses of meringue and buttercream, including some tips on how to make your own meringue and buttercream. For example it is shown how to prepare the meringue and what types of food products you can use to personalise your cake. There is also an excellent account of how to use food colouring to enhance the colours of your baked goods. These recipes can be followed to create stunning cakes.

Professional Cake Decoration In Home

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Once you have gained a basic understanding of how to use a cake leveler and a piping bag, you will probably want to move on to more complicated cakes. That's where the book ends. It includes a useful discussion of decorating sponge, cake and cupcakes. The techniques involved are really simple. Using a combination of butter, vanilla, lemon juice and water you can make buttercream, sponge cake and angel food cake.

There is also a detailed account of how to use buttercream frosting to make simple cakes look impressive. Using a smooth flat-ended spatula or the end of an offset spatula, you apply buttercream to any plain decorated cake with no additional decoration. You can also make buttercream flowers for a spring wedding.

The final part of Cake Decorating At Home is about baking. The techniques are easy to follow and you will feel confident in using the equipment once you start cake decorating at home. Recipes for basic baking are included and many are followed directly from the book. Some interesting techniques such as glazing and piping are described and with the help of the illustrated guide, it is possible to make many kinds of cakes. Pecans are covered in icing while meringue and cake decoration ideas for wedding cakes, Valentine cakes and fruit cakes are explained.

The final part is about assembling and baking your masterpiece. The baking part consists of pre-baking, assembling and baking different types of cake layers. It takes some time to fully understand how all the parts work but it is not that difficult. Some interesting things like making cake rounds, cake layers and cupcake rings are taught and demonstrated.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Cake Decorating At Home is a helpful how to book that contains a lot of tips on how to decorate a cake, cupcakes and other dessert items. The recipes are easy to follow and there is no need to learn complicated skills like making layers and frosting. You get creative without having to know more technical stuff. The only thing that is missing from this book is a step-by-step tutorial on making edible sculpture or flowers from fondant. So if you have the passion for baking, but not skilled enough to create elaborate designs, you should get this book.

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