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So simple, so beautiful. Simply by browsing through a good cake decorating book you can literally turn your computer into a dessert decorator in minutes. Best of all, these books come with step-by-step directions so even beginners can make cakes that look like professional pastry chefs.

Cake Decorating Book For Beginners

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30 New Books to Choose From Every Season. With just the click of your mouse you will have access to all new best selling cake decorating books available for the coming year. 30 brand new books come out every year, filled with information and tips perfect for almost any occasion, from A Beginners Guide to Cake Decorating to Baking Techniques for Bakeshops. It’s like having access to a pastry chef in your own home. These books are great for beginners who want to try their hand at cake decorating.

Simple Easy Cooking Cake Decorating Book For Intermediate Cake Decorators

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Cake decorating projects for beginners and experts alike can be found in this popular children’s book. With colorful pictures and detailed instructions, kids will have no trouble following along with the easy to follow recipes. Best of all, this book has so many delicious recipes that moms and kids can create family favorites that will be loved by all! Best of all, the book is priced affordably so parents and kids can share in the fun.

Cakesafe Baking Techniques book

This book contains some really cute cake decorating techniques and recipes. Cake decorating is really easy once you get the hang of it. You can do a lot with icing, frosting and baking, but if you don’t have the proper tools, you can really ruin a perfectly good cake. This book will help you choose the right tools and materials for a professional finish. There are also plenty of really cute cake decorating tips for kids.

Icing Christmas Trees

This book contains a lot of very cute, very helpful and easy to follow how to make Christmas trees out of icing. In this first few chapters you will learn how to make snowmen and Santa’s face. The very end chapter includes a very helpful glossary of icing terms so you don’t have to spend hours looking up what a particular ingredient is. In addition, you’ll discover the secrets behind decorating cupcake cakes, tarts, cookies and more. Each basic recipe is illustrated with easy to follow photographs and the icing recipes are given in a step-by-step manner.

Cake Decorating For Brides

Part Four of the Cake Decorating Book is dedicated to the decorating techniques needed for a wedding. Each page includes a fabulous color photograph of various stages of the wedding planning process and some hints and tips about applying bridal and flower bouquets. There are also several pages on seasonal decoration including tips on how to bring wedding flowers to life with fondant icing. A bonus feature is the Brides Around the World Magazine which gives you tips on preparing traditional or non-traditional designs for your bridal bouquet. The magazine also gives you ideas on how to create a stunning fall wedding. One page in this issue focuses on decorating cookies.

Cake Decorating Book

Part Two – Techniques for Creating Stunning Cakes includes a tutorial on how to create stunning cakes with simple frosting techniques. It includes an introduction to cake decoration accessories including piping bags and tips on using decorative items like leaves. You will also find several bakeshops that you can attend to learn simple techniques. The Cake Decorating Bible is your personal favorite cake book, as it includes over one hundred easy-to-follow techniques for designing cakes and cupcakes.

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At the end of this article you may find an affiliate link to the Cake Decorating Book by Karen Smith. This book contains lots of very useful decorating tips for beginners. Some of the chapters include Wedding Desserts, The Tools of the Trade, Cupcake and Cookie Decorating, Fondant Icing and Baking, and Creative Cake Decorating. Most of the recipes used in this book are from Amazon or are based on recipes found at Amazon. The freedoms and decorations in this book are from the same source as the one found at the website listed below.

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