Cake Decorating Ideas For Beginners

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If you have ever had the good fortune to be involved in decorating a cake, you know that creating an idea for cakes is not easy. If you don’t use a professional cake decorator, you may find that your finished product is flat and unpolished, and even the icing looks unattractive. On the other hand, if you use a professional and select your own tools, you may discover that the finished product is stunning and worth the effort. Here are a couple of ideas for making cakes that look like professional pastry chefs put together.

Take Advantage Of The Colors

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The first idea for cakes is to take advantage of the colors in the cooking utensils you use. You can use bright colors on the outside of the cake pan liners, as well as in the filling of the cake pan. If you are going with a certain theme for your celebration, consider using colors that match your decorations. For example, you could bake a layer cake in pink icing and put a pink frosting sandwich on top.

If your cake comes out with an odd shape or form, consider using a cake stand that has an extractor in place. An extractor is a rotating blade that scrapes away crumbs and supports the cake so that it will lie flat, as well as hold the layers in place. If you use one of these with an extractor wheel, you won’t have to worry about getting the cake off the work surface, which can be a problem for some people.

Create A Layered Cake

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One idea for cakes that involves ganache and buttercream icing is to create a layered cake with a very large hexagon in the middle. When you spread the buttercream icing over the hexagon, it will appear as if the cake has holes. To make it stand up on end, simply thread the end of the shopping through the holes in the cake and pull the shopping down. This idea for cakes works best with a very large hexagon.

Some birthday cakes are rather simple affairs, but others require more precise thought. For example, there are many birthday cakes that feature cupcakes. These cupcakes are simply frosted in white frosting and then topped with a variety of different types of toppings. A great idea for cupcakes is to have a variety of items on the cupcake, such as a basic chocolate cake, a basic fruit cake, or a red velvet cake. Another idea for cupcakes involves filling the cupcake with a variety of different flavored syrups, such as orange juice or lemonade, or topping the cupcakes with a variety of candies.

Paint The Pan In Different Colors

If you are baking a cake in a standard round or square pan, you can add a variety of different decorations. For example, if you are baking a cake that features different food colors, you can paint the pan in different colors. For example, if you are baking a cake that features red food colors, you can coat the pan in red food colors. If you are baking a cake that features yellow food colors, you can coat the pan with yellow food colors. Sprinkling the pan with different colors can help add depth to the cake. Another idea for decorating the pan that you will bake in is to spray it with a different kind of icing that matches the colors on the food colors that you are using.

Final Words

When it comes to baking cakes, most people think of a fork and a spatula when it comes to using tools. However, there are a number of different tools that can help you with baking cakes. A cake pan, a food coloring gun, a non-stick muffin pan, a baking sheet, and a cooling rack are all tools that can make your life easier when baking cakes. By using these tools, you can be more creative and have a more fun time baking the cakes that you like the most.

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