Cake Decorating Tips For Newbies, Let’s Find Out

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When I watch varieties of cake decorating ideas in Youtube it literally amazes me. Not only it feels magnificent, but I also feel kind of overwhelmed looking at the skill and talent those hands have. However, I believe if one wishes to learn this art they might slowly develop this skill form. And they sure have the possibility of turning any simple cake to a masterpiece. I  am here with cake decorating tips for newbies. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the ideas and choice one needs to start with-

Best cake decorating tips for beginners
Best cake decorating tips for beginners

Cake Decorating Tips For Newbies: General Techniques And Tools You Need

To begin with –

  1. One needs one rotating turntable. It might seem an extra hand that would make your task a lot easier.
  2. A serrated or bread knife. You need this tool to level and splitting the layers.
  3. Next is an offset palette knife. You need this item to apply frosting without using your fingers.
  4. Additionally, you would require a pastry bags for pipping. Make sure to have those ziplock ones.
  5. Lastly a cake smoother or scrapper. You would need this for smoothening out the frosting. Furthemore you would also need to decorate the cake with patterns.

Let’s Begin With Freezing  Your Cakes 

Working on ‘just made cake’ can be a hassle some task. To handle the work with ease, make sure to freeze the cake. You can put the cake in the freezer on Monday. Then bring it out on Friday then start with the decoration.

This step also helps one with frosting as well since a frozen cake would never crumble. Additionally, you can apply the frosting smoothly.

Furthemore with chilled cake leveling also becomes easy. A cake generally stays fresh packed in the freezer for around a week. Therefore prepare the buttercream beforehand, put it in the freezer. Make sure to pack it in an airtight container to last it up to weeks.

Now Let Us Talk About Turntables

The turntable is a rotating platter. You need to put the cake and turn while frosting and leveling. It is not at all same as walking all around the cake.

A turntable also helps a great deal for splitting. However, make sure to have full control over splitting before actually doing it with the turntable.

Now Level Your Cake

It is one of the vital steps since the top of the cake always needs to be flat. A serrated knife helps you here. Well, you can definitely check the specific knife to work with. However, a serrated bread knife will also do the work brilliantly.

The chief motive behind using a serrated knife is to slice off the dome shape from the top of the cake to make it flat. I hope you do it with precision to have a perfect result.

Frosting & Pipping  Is The Last Step

For the frosting, you first need to crumb the cake. This ensures a perfect touch to the whole frosting process. Once you place all the steps of cakes (if you have a multilayer cake to go with),  then finally start with the frosting.

Using a turntable might not actually help you if you are a beginner. But definitely with practice turntable would make the whole process fast. Lastly comes the pipping. Start practicing pipping from the initial days to actually get the skill. Start with various patterns and then go with names and mores.

top cake decorating steps to learn
top cake decorating steps to learn


Well, these are certainly the best steps to opt for decorating your cake if you are a beginner. These simple steps would help you to end with some extraordinary masterpieces by the end of the year. I hope you get the desired decor for your cake any time soon.

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