Cake Decoration Ideas for Baby Shower Parties

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A little lacy and sweet, lollipops and swirls are the perfect cake decoration ideas for all occasions. Swirl and bubble are always a hit and a variety of edible treats are a wonderful option when decorating cakes. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a family get-together, or any other gathering, there’s no occasion that can’t be decorated in cake form.

Sweet and luscious, fun and colorful, cute and cuddly lollipops make a bold statement at a gathering. To create the luscious top, wrap 2-inch strips of multicolor multivitamins fondant in a long, plain ribbon. Secure this simple cake decoration idea with fondant icing using a stick pin or other decorative tip. Then add a small lollipop “stick” to each balloon shape to create an extra special touch.

Lollipops and swirls can also make an ideal wedding cake decoration idea. Combine a small round cake with chocolate frosting and a few white lollipops. Make sure the chocolate is at least two inches deep. The top layer should be slightly thinner than the rest of the cake. Add a few swirls of white icing around the edges of the cake to complete the look.

Decorate With A Plenty Of Things

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A sweet-looking baby shower cake can be made using baby shower ideas. For instance, a white cake with pink frosting can be made using baby bottles, baby bibs, and baby blankets. Then use white fondant icing to paint baby name tags, names, and birthdays across the top. Finish off the look with a few cute baby bottle or bib shaped “sticks” to give it the “pop” it deserves.

Cake and lollipops are always fun for baby showers. However, if you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend’s first baby, consider adding a cake and lollipops combination. For example, purchase some fresh orange and white fruit from a wholesome fruit & vegetable store. Wrap the fruit in plain white tissue paper. Then, cut a few long strips of orange and white fabric into the shape of a waffle iron and place the fruit inside the waffle iron.

Use Fruits

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Place some fresh fruit inside the waffle iron and place a few dollops of whipped cream on top. When the waffle iron cools, add a few strips of chocolate ganache to give the orange and white colored waffle iron a beautiful look.

The possibilities are endless for adding cake and lollipops to cakes for many different events. A birthday party is an easy way to include two delicious cakes in a single presentation. Purchase a cake and several lollipops from any good bakery. Then tie one lolly in a red bow over the top of the cake.

More Exciting Ideas

A party held for a baby’s first birthday is even more exciting. For this cake decoration idea, mix together a strawberry cupcake, a slice of white cake, and some chocolate cake mix. Roll out some chocolate icing and place it over the strawberry cupcake.

Then, frost the top of the cupcake with the strawberry frosting, and decorate with bows and ribbons for the crown. Use baby blue ribbons to tie around the outside of the cupcake. Top with a large white layer of chocolate and a generous amount of sprinkles. Make the sprinkles resemble stars, zodiac signs, and birthstones.

Another cake decoration idea is to use a favorite theme, such as a fairy tale princess, for a baby shower. You can purchase inexpensive plastic Cinderella party hats and silver cups from the local craft store. Cut each hat in half, and put one hat inside and one in the cup of the cupboard. Make a simple frosting cake out of two pieces of cake and one piece of cupcake to make the “crown”.

Then, cut out several Cinderella figurines from colorful cardstock, glue the figurines onto the cake and decorate with fondant icing. Then fill the figurines with candy. For a fun touch, you may want to add a couple of “magic” wands to the figurines that can hold the “crown”.


When it comes to decorate your cake, never be afraid to experiment with several cake and lollipops cake decoration ideas. It’s sure to be a hit at your next baby shower.

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