Cake Design Ideas That Will Help You With Your Upcoming Party

A cake made to look like a flower

Any gathering, get-together, birthday, or wedding is incomplete without a cake. Some people order it while others make it themselves. The most difficult part for most people is its decoration. With a perfect cake design, a simple-looking cake can be turned into an extraordinary one. One can create endless cake designs with a spatula and a decorating bag. 

Cake Design Ideas – Birthday Cake Designs

A cake sitting on top of a table

There are many Cake Design Ideas for a birthday cake. If one has a simple cake with white frosting, then a heart made of colorful sprinkles in the middle will look perfect. One can also make a lego cake, by placing marshmallows on the top to make it look like a lego. If the cake is for a child, then cover the sides of the cake with chocolate sticks and fill in some candies in the middle. One can also decorate the cake with fruits like cherries, strawberries, oranges, etc. One can also make an alphabet-shaped cake and then can decorate it with edible flowers. An animal-shaped cake will be loved by children, which has all the detailing done by a spray and fondant. One can also plan a monster-eyed cake, by making many googly eyes and placing them on the cake.  

Cake Design Ideas – Cake For A Get-Together

A birthday cake on a table

There are many cake designs that one can try to make the cake look appetizing and attractive. One can use toasted coconut to decorate the cake by simply placing the toasted coconut all over the cake in a systematic manner. One can also serve to their guests a cake which is decorated with fresh raspberries, edible flowers, and some cookies, making it look cheerful and luscious. A simple white cake can be decorated with fondant daisies. One can also decorate the cake with some pie crust leaves and caramel acorns. A cake with dried orange slices, placed in a crescent shape will give the cake a rustic finish. 

Cake Design Ideas – Flower Cake Design

For these cake designs, one needs to have some basic skills in making flowers. One can decorate the cake by using different colored frosting. Just fill the whole cake with flowers and leaves of different and bold colors. One can also design a cake by using buttercream frosting. Make flowers of different sizes all over the cake or on the edges. Making Tulip flowers, with some green leaves and sugar pearls will give an artistic touch to the cake. 


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Thus, a simple cake can get an artistic touch with little effort, by decorating it according to the occasion. One can also experiment with the design and can make their unique design. 

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