Best Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls

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The two most exciting things about a little girl’s birthday are the gifts and the cake. Often little children today have a pre-set idea of what their birthday cake should be like. Ask them and they will have their birthday theme, decoration, dress and birthday cake idea planned in their minds much before the d-day! So if your little angel’s birthday is approaching soon and you want to throw a fantastic birthday party then we have some trending birthday cake ideas for girls that will make your party a super hit!

cake ideas for girls
Cake Ideas for Girls

Cake Ideas For Girls

Number Birthday cakes

These cute number cakes are a hot trend thesedays. They look pretty and unique. With number cakes you won’t need to spoil the cake with candles as the number would tell the world your age! These can be done on a cake base or a biscuit base too.

Black cakes

Black cakes are gaining momentum and if your little one persists on having a black colored cake for his or her birthday, perhaps you could ask the baker the make a black colored batman. Cartoon characters play the quintessential role in children’s cakes and this one is no different.

Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cake is the latest trend when it comes to selecting an enchanting birthday cake for your little princess. More and more celebrity kids are opting for a unicorn cake for their birthday bashes.

Alphabet Cake

Just like number cakes, even alphabet cakes are raging this season. One can play around with textures, flavors and colors in alphabet cakes. It is a no brainer that the alphabet should be the first letter of your angel’s name. A cute way to personalize a birthday cake- an alphabet cake is one of our hot favorites.

Hidden Sweet Pie Surprise Cake

Now this cake can get really exciting and full of surprises for little girls when they cut the cake to reveal tones of chocolates, goodies and candies hidden inside. You need a professional baker to make this hidden sweet pie surprise cake properly. Many bakers add rainbow layers of cake inside which look very pretty when the cake is cut to reveal the candies.

Stunning Cake Ideas
Stunning Cakes

Doll Cakes

Although this idea is very old, it is still trending. This is because as long as dolls are available on the markets, little girls will continue to love them and play with them. Doll cakes are a cool idea to create mesmerizing cakes with the doll head on the top and a lovely and decorative cake for the skirt of the doll. Girls especially get emotional about these cakes when they use their favorite dolls for their cakes.

Dora Cakes

Cartoon character cakes are more common for boys as there are more male cartoon characters, but Dora is one such female cartoon character that is a favorite for all the girls. Some girls today may demand a Doraemi cake or Frozen themed cakes. These cakes are easy to order as there are so many designs of these cakes available on the market. These go best with a similar cartoon themed birthday décor as well.

When it comes to baking cakes, there is no limit to creativity and ideas. It is a good idea to ask your little angel about her dream cake design and take her to a professional baker who can try creating a replica of her cake description. This will make your little one most happy to get her dream cake actually in front of her.

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