Chocolate Cake Decoration: Ideas For A Perfect Party

chocolate cake decoration

Chocolate cakes are one of my favorite desserts! My husband has made them hundreds of times. Sometimes, with fruit. I like a dark chocolate cake with a sliver of dark chocolate on top. He loved it just as much as I do, but the hardest thing was getting him to take the piece from the cake.

I knew I had found an easy chocolate cake decoration, a simple circle of chocolate that I had bought at a supermarket. A chocolate mold that you fill with water, not too hot but just warm. With a long handle, you can poke the chocolate into the mold. Pour the melted chocolate into the mold and freeze while it is still pliable. The hard shell will come off easily after baking.

Chocolate Cake Decoration

A piece of cake sitting on top of a table

For the easy chocolate cake decoration, I used a square tray. Baking time is about 25 minutes. Make sure you have a long stand to keep your chocolate from melting. The recipe stated that the cooked cake should be placed on a wire cooling rack lined with wax paper.

A chocolate cake can be decorated in many ways. There is one that I learned from my mother-in-law. The first time I tried it, I had no idea of the tricks. But after I got the hang of it, the chocolate cake decoration is like magic. You can decorate the top layer too.

One chocolate cake decoration I did was simple and straightforward. I simply stacked two chocolate bars together and cut a circle out of each bar. Spread the chocolate bars over the cooled fruit cake. Place the fruit cake on a plate and then spread the melted chocolate over it. The result was a cool treat for me when I received it at my party.


A piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden table

Another fun chocolate cake decoration I did was using a hot tammy wheel. First, I lined the inside of the tammy wheel with chocolate. Then, you put the rolled-out chocolate on the outer side of the wheel. I used white chocolate.

If you want to go more elaborate, you can try making a cake shaped like something special. Cut a thick chocolate circle out of your favorite cake. Spread a layer of chocolate on the bottom and roll the shape out to look like a sword. Finally, place it on the top of the cake.

Another great cake decoration I did was made out of fondant. This time, I created a shape out of fondant. Spread a layer of chocolate chips in the shape of a square on the bottom and roll out the fondant upwards until it reaches the top of the square. Finally, place it on the top of the cake.

A chocolate cake with a personalized message is always a hit. How about writing out a poem for your significant other? Make it romantic like “You are the only person that I love” or “I’ll always be your lover.” You could also opt for something corny like “Happily Ever After” or “It’s Not Easy Being White.” Again, you could use different shades of chocolate to create the desired effect.

Things To Consider

Some people like to do their chocolate cake decorations the old-fashioned way, which involves chocolate kisses. For this decoration, you cut long strips of chocolate and wrap them around the inside of the cake. You could use white chocolate, but if you are not sure, go for dark as well. It is best to get a few practice rolls, so you know how the chocolate kisses look before getting started.

You can also go the extra mile and decorate the cake with chocolate strawberries instead of chocolate strawberries. If you cannot find these in stores, then you could always order them online. The Internet is a great place to buy all kinds of goodies, and you would never run short of options when it comes to flowers. You could also sprinkle little sprinkles of confectioner’s sugar on top of the chocolate strawberries to give it a sweet and tasty touch.

Bottom Line

For an extra special treat, you could even go for fondant chocolate. You may feel a little uncomfortable when you go for this kind of chocolate cake decoration, as it is not very popular. However, if you are planning to celebrate a big day with friends, then fondant chocolate would be the right choice. It tastes really good, and the chocolate taste is a perfect complement to the cake.

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