Easy And Fast Blogging Marathon – How To Make A Mango Cheesecake Without Gelatin Based Ice cubes

mango cheesecake without gelatin

If I had to compile the "must have" books and other reference materials for a blogging marathon, or perhaps a reading marathon, on any of the most popular foods or deserts in the world, "Mango Cheesecake Without Gelatin" would definitely be at the top of the list. There is simply nothing more decadent, mouthwatering, fantastic tasting than a piece of sweet, pale, gooey, custard-like, mango-flavored cheesecake that has no trace of lanolin. I imagine it sits in your mouth, melts in your mouth, and then slides down your throat as you swallow. That is what a perfect, luscious, mouthwatering mango cheesecake should taste like. And when you take that bite of an absolutely guilt-free mango cheesecake, with absolutely no trace of lanolin, you will wonder why you did not try this sooner.

Mango cheesecake without Gelatin

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This breakfast-style dessert can be made by simply blending one (1) peach, two (2) cups of cream cheese, two to three tablespoons of chopped or ground nuts, and four to six drops of mango juice. The longer the mango juice is left in the cream cheese, the creamier and smoother the consistency of the finished product will be. You do not need to make a huge mess of things by mixing all of this together in your blender. Simply blend all of the ingredients together until smooth and creamy. After which, spoon some of the mixture into an already prepared graham cracker shell, and pop into the oven for about one hour to cook.

In order to help improve the texture and flavor of the mango pudding cake, you should also mix in two teaspoons of the agar powder. This powder is actually a traditional Indian ingredient that helps with the rising of the mango pulp. Agar powder is available in many different flavors today, so start off by choosing a sweet and tasty variety. Mix in the agar powder well into the mashed ripe mango pulp and mix thoroughly.

After that, you should stir in one (1) cup of the heavy cream. Allow the cream to completely blend in prior to scraping into the graham cracker shell. Next, you should spoon the entire contents of the blender over the prepared mango puree and continue stirring thoroughly. When the mixture begins to thicken, you should add in the second cup of heavy cream and continue stirring until completely blended.

Once you are done blending, you should transfer the entire mixture into a lined springform pan. Make sure that you line the pan properly by placing down the bottom sheet of the springform pan. This will keep the mixture from moving around while it bakes. If you notice that there is some excess spillage, it is okay because you will just have to scrape up some of the spillage. Once you have finished cooking the cheesecake, you can now remove the cheesecake from the springform pan and slice it with a serving spoon.

To make an authentic Indian mango flavor, you should also prepare the following ingredients before you start cooking the cheesecake. You should first make some delicious Indian mango pudding by blending pitted dates, chopped mango, sugar, agar powder, and water in a food processor. Then, you should add in three to four tablespoons of cream cheese, about one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and approximately two to three tablespoons of finely chopped pecans or walnuts. Once you have blended the mango powder and sugar, you should slowly mix in the agar powder.

It is important that you do not blend too much mango powder because this may have a negative effect on the taste of the final dish. Also, you should use a non-stick springform pan to prepare this dessert because this can prevent the formation of hard and chewy cheesecakes. Start by preparing the filling. You should start by combining two to three servings of cream cheese with approximately two to three tablespoons of finely chopped pecans or walnuts, and a pinch of salt.

End Note

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After you have made the entire cream cheese mixture, you should immediately add in one tablespoon of pure maple syrup and approximately two to three tablespoons of unsalted nuts or pecans. If you wish to speed up the baking process, you can add in the batter at room temperature and allow it to cook for approximately ten to twelve minutes. Once done, you should then switch the oven and bake the cake for approximately twenty to thirty minutes. After the cake has cooled down, you can frost it with a lightly meringue cream cheese frosting.

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