Easy Cake Decorating Ideas For Beginners

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Cake decorating is a great way to show your creativity and impress your guests. However, beautiful and decorating cakes are not just for big bucks on extra-special festive seasons. So you can learn some easy cake decorating ideas so that you can make ordinary into extraordinary. Moreover, with some extra tools and techniques, you can decorate your cake so beautifully. Let’s see the cake decorating ideas here.   

Icing The Cake  

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For icing the cake, you can choose royal fondant, buttercream, or specially prepared icing, and above all, you will need the perfect topping. For the topping, you can pick candy, cake sprinkles, or spun sugar.  

You have to reduce the crumbs, and the most vital part of cake decoration is the icing which should be absolutely smooth and uniform. Use decorating bags to apply the icing like a pro. To put all the cake decorating ideas into work, you will have to use the correct tools for decoration and the necessary ingredients.  

Rose Bouquet Cake Design   

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The design may look complicated, but in reality, it is not actual. At first, you would need to take the cream according to your desired flavor. Then you have to put the cream in the icing bag along with the rose tip nozzle to make the floral design. Now move the tip in a circular motion, and the design will be automatically created. Follow the steps to make the roses over the cake. Thus, you can decorate a rose bouquet in a cake crust.   

Kitkat And Gems Cake   

This is another very easy and creative cake decoration. Are you love Cadbury? Wow, then this is best for you. This sponge cake is covered with the icing of buttercream and ganache. This decoration would require some KitKat and gems. At first, you have you keep the KitKat at the circumference of the cake vertically like a chocolate wall and then sprinkle the colorful gems over the surface area. Thus, your delicious and beautiful cake is ready to serve.   

Easy Naked Cake Design   

Nowadays, naked cakes are so trending for their rustic looks and simplicity. You need the cream over the sponge cake. You may use the spatula to smoothen the surface and layers. However, you may use buttercream, strawberry cream, and any other flavor which you prefer the most. After that, you need to keep some fruits on top of the sponge cake. Thus, the cake is ready to serve to the guest.   

Colorful Confetti Cake   

If you are preparing a cake for your kid, then this is the best option for you. This colorful confetti cake is very beautiful, and children would love it the most. It is the plain buttercream cake sprinkled at the top and bottom layers. First, put the cream on the sponge cake. With the nozzle, do some design on the top of the cake and sprinkle it over the cake and the bottom portion. Thus the cake is ready to serve.   

These are some of the cake decoration ideas that you may use at your home. Every design is very easy and simple. You just need extra care while making this decoration.

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