Easy Halloween Cake Ideas For This Halloween

halloween cake ideas

Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for bake sales and home-made Halloween cake decorations. The most popular treats on Halloween morning include pumpkin pie, candy bar, and cookie cutters. There is no doubt that these treats are all enjoyed by kids, but adult guests also enjoy Halloween treats. If you are looking for Halloween cake ideas, consider some easy Halloween cake decorating ideas.

Finding Halloween Cake Pops

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With Halloween party guests are enjoying the festivities at home, you must make them feel welcome by serving them Halloween cake pops. You can find Halloween cake pops at local grocery stores, bakery shops, or party stores. They are also available online. Whether you wish to attempt a spooky pumpkin, ghost, or vampire, you’ve got plenty of cake ideas for the big day. All the cakes are easily adapted to suit those attending the Halloween party and those who want to have fun at the party.

An eyeball cake is a fun Halloween treat that is served at most cookouts during the summer season. It is around a cake-like treat with two black eyes peering from the top. To create this type of Halloween cake, you need to have an already made eyeball cake. You could either buy one at a store or, if you are crafty, create it yourself from a regular sheet cake. You can use a regular cake as the base and then fill it with fruit, cheeses, candies, spiders, pumpkins, and whatever else you would like.

Gather A Large Sheet Cake

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To make this sort of Halloween cake, you will need to gather a large sheet cake. Use the smaller rectangular shaped ones as your base. Use the larger sheets as the frosting. You will then use the eyes, black licorice, and marshmallows to fill up the rest of the cake. Use a marshmallow paper lining for the corners to keep your kids from having a black eyeball that comes out looking like a ghost!

Make Icing Scary

For a super-scary Halloween cake, you could make the icing scary with a lot of black licorice powder. Then put the top layer of cake on top of this licorice-coated icing. You will put the orange, candy pumpkins, and any other decorations you have on the cake after this. If you want your children not to know you are making a Halloween cake, they can eat the icing. Then, put a scare twist on the bottom of the cake by using some dried fruit pieces as the bottom.

If you are trying to think of cupcakes as better than traditional rectangular shaped cakes, you should also consider Halloween cupcake ideas. These cupcakes are usually smaller than regular-sized cupcakes, but they still pack a punch when it comes to flavor. You can find lots of cupcake recipes online, or you can make your own special Halloween cupcakes by using some specially shaped cake mix that will give them a spooky shape.

Spider-Like Cake

If you are going with a Halloween themed theme, you might also want to look at some spider cake-like pictures to help you make up your mind. Check out some of the many spider Pinterest blogs that feature delicious pictures of spider cakes, cupcakes, and other goodies. And don’t forget to use your imagination when it comes to decorating your Spiderman themed cake like you would with other Halloween themed desserts. Check out spider web invitations for some very cool ideas on how to make an invitation that will have guests talking for weeks about what party they will attend the next weekend! You will be able to find plenty of Spiderman themed invitations online.


Don’t forget to let your child participate in all the fun when it comes to decorating their Halloween cake and making cupcakes. Kids will love doing it, and it makes them feel more grown-up when it comes to doing activities around the house during the upcoming Halloween season. So make the most of this opportunity and get the kids involved in planning and decorating this year’s Halloween party for your whole family! Check out some easy Halloween cake pops and let your imagination run wild with these super easy Halloween ideas that the entire family will l

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