Easy Harry Potter Cake Decorations For Kids And Adults

harry potter cake decoration

For many people, the thought of making a Harry Potter cake is fascinating but intimidating at the same time. Those who have seen the movie are so familiar with the scene where everyone dances around the house during the opening part of the movie. That’s where the fun begins because any child who sees that scene is going to know exactly what it means and how the scene was created. Creating such a scene will not only be a good time for the children but will also show them the true art of cake decorating.

With a Harry Potter theme and easy cake toppers anyone can create the scene of their dreams. These can be purchased from Cakes by Chocolate or ordered on the cake toppers page of Cakes by Chocolate’s website. Cakes by Chocolate offers decorations for all of their cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. The site also has great pictures and instructions for decorating any type of cake. They also offer a wide range of choices for decorating a simple birthday cake as well as creating a themed Harry Potter cake for a special event.

Hard Time Coming Up With Ideas

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If one is having a hard time coming up with ideas, then the Cakes By Chocolate website might be able to help. In addition to the cake itself, they have several ideas pages that are filled with great ideas. These include many different types of decorations such as candleholders, fruitcake icings, and even the traditional buttercream frosting with a Harry Potter theme.

Some of the ideas for decorating a cake are so detailed and ornate that one might feel like they are being taken to a castle for a night of jousting. Of course, there are plenty of simple ideas that are suitable for a normal birthday cake that can be used to create a wonderful scene that kids will love.

For starters, one should think about the theme of the birthday cake. Themed frostings are available in most hobby stores as well as some large discount stores. If one is not sure what type of frosting will be best suited for their Harry Potter theme, then it might be a good idea to consult a professional. These professionals often have a good handle on what type of recipes will work best with Harry Potter’s unique features and characteristics.

Chocolate Website

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If one is having a difficult time coming up with ideas, then looking through the Cakes By Chocolate website is a great place to start. They have a variety of pictures and ideas that are suitable for almost any skill level. From a simple design for an over the top decorating job to decorating a simple cake with buttercream frosting, the Cakes By Chocolate website has something for every situation. Whether it is free cake tips or specific recipes, this is one website that will keep people coming back, month after month.

For those who do not want to be too literal when transforming their home into a magical world, the Cakes By Chocolate website does have a few easy cake decoration recipes that can be done in-between decorating the Harry Potter theme. For example, a blue and white combination can be created by using lemon and lime juice, white chocolate chips, and mocha powder.

This is a relatively simple cake that can be decorated for a child’s birthday party. Another easy cake decoration idea involves putting together rainbow confetti using gel, icing, and frosting. This is done over a blue and white frosting and can easily be decorated for a child’s birthday party.

Harry Potter Cake Decoration

If one is looking for more extreme Harry Potter cake decoration ideas, then looking online is a great place to start. A quick search on the Cakes By Chocolate website will turn up several pages of different pictures and ideas that one can use to decorate the Harry Potter theme. As one moves on from simple decorations to more elaborate ones, cake decorating is not just for kids. People of all ages and skill level can get involved and have a lot of fun making things to put on their own personal Harry Potter cakes. The possibilities are endless.

Final Words

Cakes by Chocolate can help someone of any skill level to make a simple cake look like a much more elaborate one. Once the basics are down, there are plenty of different design ideas to keep anyone interested. Even a basic cake decoration idea can turn something plain and ordinary into something very elaborate, if a little bit of imagination is used. Cake decorating can be a very fun hobby or even a great way to earn money at home if one has a good sense of cake decorating skills.

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