Easy Ninja Turtles Cake Decoration Idea

ninja turtles cake decoration

Your kid’s birthday is about to come soon but you still don’t have any clue about which cake would be the best. Don’t worry, try out ninja turtle cake. Isn’t it much time taking to decorate a ninja turtle cake? Definitely not! We’ve brought four tempting and easy ninja turtles cake decoration ideas for you. So, let’s start.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake:

When it’s about ninja turtle cakes and you didn’t mention this one, it’s impossible! These are the most versatile types having regular to large sizes. You need only green, pink, red, and white whipping cream along with chocolate syrup for the simplest teenage mutant ninja turtle cake. After baking, cover smoothly whole the cake with green cream and engrave the eyes, scarf, mouth, and tongue of the ninja turtle. Let is sit for 5 minutes and fill these engraved designs with chocolate syrup. Fill scarf and mouth with pink and red cream as large drops. Do the same in eyes with white cream and a dot of chocolate syrup. Your simplest teenage mutant ninja turtle cake is ready.

Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake:

A birthday cake

What to say about the joy of your kids if you get a cake with their favorite ninja character? But, this cake demands your full creativity as you’ve to make ninja characters separately using cold thick whipping cream. 

To make it more creative, design some buildings using chocolate syrup on the curved surface of the cake. Use blueberry cream to give it a night-like look and put a piece of yellow M&M as the moon. Erect ninja character and ninja turtles on the top. 

Ninja Turtle Cupcakes:

Kids will surely love these cupcakes if you reward them with these cupcakes for their excellent performance in exams. Bake the cupcake as usual and give it a round shape leaving its base flat. Now, pack it with cream and let it get cold. Then do the whole decoration as the first cake. 

Ninja Turtle Cake Pops:

A dog sitting in front of a mirror posing for the camera

This combination of lollipop and ninja turtle cake will definitely win the hearts of all age groups. Add chunks of candy and butterscotch toffee to the cake batter and make it round from all sides like the previous recipe. Dip it into the caramel syrup and let it dry. Then, do the decoration with whipping cream like the mutant teenager ninja turtle cake and insert lollipop sticks in them. Your ninja turtle cake pops are ready.

Bonus Tips:

1. Try adding whole wheat flour to make the cake healthier.

2. Add those fruits into the batter that your kids don’t like.

3. Whatever is left out after making cupcakes round, whisk it with whipping cream and shape it like a ninja star. Let it cool and add it to the top of the cake.

4. Try to keep your cake cold while decoration otherwise the color shads will mix and you’ll say-“You didn’t tell us!”


Whether it is ninja turtles cake decoration or any other cake, you need only patience and creativity to make them tastier and more tempting. 

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