Exciting Harry Potter Cake Ideas That You Can Use

harry potter cake ideas

You can now delve into the magical world of wands and spells, witches and wizards with these enchantingly beautiful “Harry Potter cakes”. So leave this mundane muggle world behind and enter this wonderful extraordinary world. Impress all the biggest and nerdiest Potterheads you know, with these fantastic cake ideas. Fortunately, in case you want to create “Harry Potter” themed cakes, there are a multitude of places you can take inspiration from, including, the Hogwarts castle, Harry’s Gryffindor scarf, the golden snitch, etc. So get up on your “Firebolt” and fly off into the following collection of incredible Harry Potter cakes, that you can easily make.

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Cool Quidditch Cake With Harry, Hermione and Ron

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Arguably the best thing about this cake is the fact that not only do you have the Quidditch pitch with the green grass and Quidditch Towers with the colors of all four houses, you also have miniature Harry, Ron and Hermione(on brooms if you so desire). For this cake, it would be advisable that you bake four cake layers – two each of burgundy and yellow.

The Quidditch Pitch, if you look at it closely in the movies, has alternating lines of dark and light green. So it will look more real if you recreated that on your cake. The Rings, or the “Hoops”, can be made using gumpaste around a skewer, and then gluing on the rings, using gum glue. Having an extra in hand, helps in case one of the hoops breaks. The figures of Harry, Hermione and Ron can be made easily using fondant and try to keep them as simple as possible. Intricate details are not extremely necessary. Creating the towers will be quite time-consuming.

You will need to make several Rice Krispie Treats in advance. Smush them together and carve them into the shape of the four towers. Use green fondant to cover the Slytherin Towers and Gryffindor towers can be covered in red and yellow fondant. Cutting out the square fondant pieces to stick on the towers, will exhaust the maximum amount of time and requires a lot of patience. Absence of a square cutter, will lengthen the process further.

Sorting Hat Cake

This is arguably the easiest, as there is just one element to create – the Sorting Hat. Bake 7 layers of vanilla cake(or any flavour you prefer) and add red frosting layers. Shape the top of the hat out of chocolate rice krispies and cover with brown fondant.Stitches and patches are perfect for its decoration. The rim of the hat and all the accessories(maybe a wand, harry’s glasses, etc.) around the cake will be made of fondant.


The Harry Potter themed cakes are bound to be a favourite for your kids and they will definitely liven up their parties even more. So surprise your kids with these easy-to-make recipes and become your kids’ favourite.

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