Five Essential Supplies For Cake Decoration

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Cake decoration demands creativity, practice and of course essential supplies for cake decorating. Different tools are used for different purposes. Piping bags, nozzles, cake spatulas, cake turntable, sprinkles, cake airbrushes etc. are some of the most essential supplies for cake decorating. 

Piping Bags And Nozzles

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Piping bags and nozzles are the most essential supplies for cake decorating, used for piping, making beautiful designs like leaves, flowers, petals on cakes. While piping bags are made up of silicon or plastic, nozzles are made with stainless steel with various cuts on the tips to provide various piping designs. Piping bags and nozzles are essential for making amazingly decorated cakes. You need to practice a lot to use them efficiently. 

Cake Spatulas

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Cake spatulas are different kinds of knives that are used to spread chocolate or cream evenly over the surface of cakes. Cake spatulas are also called frosting spatulas, as they are used for frosting on cakes. There are many types of cake spatulas. While some have knife-like blades, some have wider blades. Spatulas are quite essential supplies for cake decorating as it gives cake icing a final and professional touch. 


Turntables are the tablets on which you can put your cake and rotate it according to your need while decorating. If you buy a turntable, you would have to move less while decorating your cakes. The rotating surface of the turntable will rotate the cake for you. If you are a frequent cake baker, a turntable would be one of the most useful supplies for cake decorating.  


Cake sprinkles are granular sugar of different shapes, colours and are meant to decorate cakes in an easy yet striking way. As the name suggests, you can sprinkle some sprinkles over your cake or can use sprinkles all over the cake. The most special things about sprinkles are, they can be prepared at home and can be used to decorate cakes without knowing any special skills of decorating. So sprinkles are the very best supplies for cake decorating for beginners. Sprinkles are also a favourite of professionals. 

Cake Airbrush

Cake airbrush is one of the most interesting and easy to use supplies for cake decorating. A cake airbrush is used to spray colour onto the cake. With a cake airbrush, you can make different patterns on your cake using your favourite (edible) colours and your cakes look more eye-catching. The cake airbrush has a chamber to hold colour, a sprayer at the front, a trigger with which you can control the colour flow, a compressor hooked with the airbrush. Although there are many different types of airbrushes too. Using an airbrush becomes easier with practice and a turntable. 

Bottom Lines

In the above article we have tried to describe the functions of some essential supplies for cake decorating in simple words so even if you are a beginner, you can have an easy start. Have great baking!

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