Great Ideas For Your Rice Cake Flavors

rice cake flavors

There are hundreds of rice cake flavors to choose from when it comes to the vegan world. Some people love to eat the traditional sweet and salty flavor while others prefer to spice things up with a few exotic spices. It’s good to experiment and see what you like because not all plant-based desserts taste the same.

If you’re new to being a vegan or vegetarian, you probably won’t feel comfortable trying many of the usual dishes. Fortunately, there are plenty of vegan flavors for rice cakes that you can try out. Even if you never thought you would be a vegan, there are some delicious plant-based dessert recipes out there that might pique your interest.

Chocolate Flavor

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The first option is to go with a chocolate flavor for your rice cakes. You can buy chocolate chips and grate them into the cake batter. If you find the chips a bit too overwhelming in an already sweet dish, simply choose to substitute with a dark chocolate. It will still taste delicious and has the same amount of sugar as regular chocolate chips. You can also bake brown rice instead of white, which will give you a completely different flavor combination.

If you have a sweet tooth, consider trying the carrot. These little flavorsome vegetables are very sweet, but can stand on their own without adding a lot of butter or cream. A common question about carrot and rice cake is how can you remove the insides of the cake so that it doesn’t stick together? The answer is simple: all you have to do is use a non-stick spray to cook the rice and vegetables in the baking pan.

Apple Flavour

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Apple is another popular flavor for rice cake. This flavorful addition gives this delectable dessert a tangy twist. You can drizzle the fruit juices over the top or mix them with maple syrup and cinnamon. For a Halloween twist, think about including ghostly treats like pumpkins and eyeballs.

If garlic is something you fear, you can always opt for a zesty garlic. Spicy spices add an intrigue to these delicious cakes. Chipotle and jalapeno are two popular choices for spicy spices and are generally mild enough not to overwhelm the other flavors. They pair well with warm breads, although you may want to avoid pairing with cold foods.

Coconut Flavour

Another delicious flavor for rice cake is coconut. This delightful addition gives the rice an exotic flavor, like the aroma of a rain forest. This natural sweetener is made from the hulls of the coconut. To make it even better, you can replace some of the oil with it. For a coconut flavored cake, use coconut milk instead of water.

No matter what your personal tastes, there are plenty of exciting ways to spruce up your usual rice cake. Try some new flavor combinations, or go with traditional favorites. Whatever you do, don’t leave rice cakes on the shelf. They’re easy to find, and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy one now and then. So come to a party, a dinner event, or just relax with a good cup of tea and some nice dessert.

Coffee Flavour

If you like coffee flavors, then use cinnamon for the base of your dessert. You can add nutmeg and cloves for a spicy twist. Some people also like to use nutmeg with molasses in a brown sugar glaze. You can put all of these ingredients together and use your imagination. For inspiration, check out different spice recipes online.

Many Asian cultures incorporate fruits into their desserts, so this is an obvious choice if you are looking for rice cake flavors. The classic flavors include mango, papaya, and pineapples. These fruits add a tropical flavor to your dessert, and they’re also relatively low in calories. You might also consider coconut, peaches, or Mandarin.

For those who would like something a bit sweeter, vanilla is always a great option. Try sprinkling ground nuts in the batter. Vanilla will also add a unique flavor to your rice cake. If you don’t have any vanilla extract, try using honey or brown sugar instead. They have a much lighter flavor than vanilla and are much healthier as well.


Another good idea is to consider the most common question that rice cake bakeshops ask: what flavor is good for you? The answer to that question will help you find the right flavors for your cakes. Generally, rice cake has a nutty flavor, and if you have a strong cup of coffee, then going with an espresso or chocolate flavor is a great idea. If you have a sweet tooth, go with orange, apple, or even chocolate. If you prefer white, you may want to stay away from spicy flavors, and stick with mint or lemon flavors. You can even make seasonal fruit cake by combining fruits that you typically enjoy together.

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