Ideas For Popular Pirate Cake Decoration

pirate cake decoration

We have plenty of options when we come to design pirate cakes; they go very well with pirate-themed birthday parties. Whether it is a boys birthday party, you have an option for a pirate ship with hoisted pirate flags, and also other popular choices for pirate cakes are the face of a jolly pirate and a Treasure chest. When we decorate pirate cakes for girls, the predominant color generally used is pink, which is often combined with red, black-and-white. You can top an image of a skull with a pink Bandana and eye patch. These pirate cakes look feminine and catchy at the same time, and also, it goes well to make a girls birthday memorable for many years to come.

Things To Use In The Pirate Cake Decoration -For Making It Easy And Simple

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Cake decoration kit

The decoration of the cake starts with first decorating the shape of the cake. You can use lovely paper crafts cake decoration kits to decorate your pirate cake. Each cake in the papercraft decorations collection has a 3D cake topper that is easily built and also has a cake wrapper. The design of the wrapper comes according to the size of the cake and even works great on sheet cakes. It also comes with stickers so you can add your child’s age to the mast on the ship.

Pirate Party banner and accessories kit

In addition to your pirate cake, you can also have a pirate Party banner and accessories kit. You can find these kits on Amazon or any other online shopping site.

Edible little cake toppers pirate captain’s hat

Pirate captain hat-shaped cake toppers are 100% edible decorations. They are handmade, and all are also hand-painted. Each piece is unique and beautiful. It gives a wonderful look to your pirate cake.

Candy treasure chest

You can make a candy Treasure chest filled with candy jewels and chocolate coins.

Pirate Treasure map and wooden barrel

You can also design your pirate cake in the shape of a pirate treasure map and wooden barrel.

Pirate boy

When we are going to decorate a pirate cake, how it will complete without a pirate boy. These little pirate boy-shaped toppers will give your pirate cake a desirable decoration.


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A birthday is a special day for every child, and celebrating a birthday party is fun. The cake is the main part of the attraction at a birthday party. For making your kids birthday party memorable, you can choose pirate birthday party cakes and themes. These cakes look very attractive and also your kid will enjoy their cake. You can use these points discussed in this article when going to decorate a pirate cake.

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