Incorporate Vegan Foods Into Your Frozen Cake Ideas

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Frozen cake ideas can be a challenge to come up with or create, but often the result is beautiful and is worth the effort of finding or creating the ultimate cake for that special occasion. Small children will simply love nothing more than eating their favorite film on their special birthday cake, as birthday cake is often the second-best thing around. However, it can be difficult to find good ideas for cakes for kids that they will really like, unless you have some special skills of your own. This article will provide some free advice on some great ideas for cakes for children.

Popular Frozen Cake Ideas

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One of the most popular frozen cake ideas is to make a vegan vanilla cake using coconut milk, almond extract, and cocoa powder. This can be made even easier if you use vanilla extract or vanilla seeds to add to the mix. Use a double-muffin pan to cook the mixture in, then add the coconut milk, stir, and cook for about a minute. When the cake is done, add the nuts and chocolate syrup and let cool off. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.

Another one of the top frozen cake ideas is to create a rainbow cake. This requires a bit of artistic ability and the ability to decorate however you want. Pipe icing between the layers of cake and use rainbow sprinkles, toothpicks, and jelly beans to make an intricate pattern. For a brighter, less detailed design, pipe icing in different colors between the layers of cake and use bright, colored marzipan sticks to poke holes in the icing. You can also use hot glue to stick the marzipan to the cake to create designs.

Learn Cake Decorating 

A piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden table

Cake decorating is always a favorite family activity, even when it is not something our kids enjoy doing. For cake birthday parties, make sure you have plenty of decorations. You can buy pre-made or create your own decorations by buying cake decorations at a dollar or discount store or using inexpensive products from the local drugstore. Butterflies, flowers, pumpkins, and ribbons are all popular decorations for birthday cakes.

To keep the young girls in mind, you may consider making a Halloween cake or princess themed frozen cake for young girls. A Halloween sponge cake will create an adorable surprise for little girl’s birthday parties. The best way to prepare this cake is to purchase a small round sponge cake pan at your local bakery and line it with yellow cake frosting. Next, pipe some black and white spooky spider webbed designs around the outer edge of the pan. You can use candy drops to add a bit of extra fun to the decorations. If you don’t mind the clean up, you can paint the spider webs with white icing to match the Halloween color scheme.

Other Great Ideas

Another great idea for young girls is to make a princess themed frozen birthday dessert with their favorite princesses. Cinderella is a perennial favorite, and you can easily transform Cinderella’s castle into her very own ice cream sundae by using white fondant for the base of the cake and decorating it like the tiara that Cinderella wears on her head. Top with blue and pink frosting and spread a layer of pure fondant over the top to help it adhere better to the cake. Cinderella’s carriage, her wand, and crown are also great frozen characters to use to make this frozen birthday dessert.

If you are planning a vegan or vegetarian frozen cake party, you will want to include a variety of dairy-free options. A quick Google search will provide you with numerous recipes that can easily be converted to a vegan recipe card. Just be aware that not all recipes will turn out well for vegans and vegetarians, so be prepared to experiment a little bit.

Final Thoughts

The most awesome and creative idea for a vegan frozen cake is to use vegan chocolate instead of the traditional white chocolate chips. Using vegan food coloring will give the chocolate an awesome look that no dairy-based chips can achieve. Chocolate flavored with food coloring also has a ton of health benefits, such as being a natural antioxidant, low calorie food coloring, and a low glycemic index. If you are looking for an awesome vegan cake that no dairy or meat eater will ever love, think about trying vegan chocolate instead of traditional white chocolate chips for your next big party!

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