Lego Cake Ideas- Amaze Your Loved Ones

lego cake ideas

We have seen amazingly decorated and extremely eye-catching Lego cakes on Instagram, Pinterest, and the birthdays of kids. You’ve always tried making Lego Cakes for your kids and failed? Lego cakes are unique for your kids to enjoy and remember their birthdays every time they see one. The tiny Legos surrounding the cakes are made up of gum paste and marshmallow fondant. These cakes are so exciting. Let’s look at the article further to get some ideas of these Lego cakes to amaze our loved ones and present them with their favorite Lego Cakes. Remember, you don’t have to be a professional cake decorator to design these incredibly cool Lego cakes.

Some Lego Cake Ideas:

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1. Simple Lego Cake idea: Using many Lego bricks together can be quite troublesome at the beginning. Choose a single huge or giant Lego brick to design your first toothsome Lego cake. It will make your kids and family super happy.

2. Colorful Lego Cake: Kids are incredibly fond of Colorful cakes, and the joy on their faces is readily evident when they see colorful cakes frosted with Lego designs. Use colorful Lego bricks for decoration.

3. DIY (do it yourself) Grab all different pieces of Lego designs hidden at your home and decorate the cake all by yourself. Nothing can beat your touch and experience in making a Lego cake that your family would love. Kids should be titled as a Legos lover as it adds joy to their birthday parties, making them more memorable.

4. Lego Superheroes Lego Cake: Your kid has a favorite Superhero. Imagine the smile on your child’s face when he gets to eat a cake with his favorite superhero is designed on it. A must bake Lego Cake for birthday.

5. Lego Rainbow Cakes: This multicolored rainbow Lego Cake will declare you a Professional Lego Cake designer by your husband and family. The appreciation is immeasurable as your family will love the taste, also, in the case of relatives arriving at your house for a visit. Go for making this cake; the impression this one will leave is incredible.

Some Other Incredible Ideas

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1. Lego Ninjago Cake: toothsome and edible LEGO cakes with a hint of edible Ninjas will add extra charm to the cakes and enhance the taste.

2. Straightforward Lego Cake: Go for your loved one’s favorite color and chose the Lego of that color to design your cake and see the magic you create.

8. Large Brick Lego cake: another easy option to go for. It will save you time and taste amazing.

3. Building Block Lego cakes.

Tips On Designing a Beautiful Lego Cake:

Experts must keep in mind some tips to keep in mind while designing a Lego Cake for your family and loved kids. Always create a display by covering a piece of cardboard with plastic wrap.

Use kitchen scissors to cut marshmallows. Take precautions to avoid sticking using cooking spray.

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