List Of Our Favourite Tips For Smart Baking

List Of Our Favourite Tips For Smart Baking

Smart baking requires patience, as cooking is an art. It also needs the precision and clarity of thought. The person who is baking a cake, a pie, or cookie needs to be interested in the work he\she is doing. Then only the outcome shall be perfect. Many have skills in baking and take it as a profession.  Here are 52 tips for enhancing your baking skills for smart cooking.

Tips For Smart Baking

  • Put away 1/3rd cup of measure as generally; bakers need ½ and 1/4th cup for measuring ingredients.
  • Measure the messy ingredients over a kitchen towel so that cleaning the counter becomes easy.
  • Many recipes require fresh eggs, and many need aged eggs. Its better you test your eggs before using it.
  • Make sure to crack an egg in a separate bowl to avoid eggshells in the batter.
  • While cutting sticky ingredients like marshmallow or caramel, apply little oil on the scissors so that the scissors do not get sticky.
  • Try and use separate spatulas for sweet and savory ingredients so that the taste does not mix.
  • Use confectioner sugar, as it will not let the ingredients like dates and marzipan stick with each other.
  • Toss dense ingredients like almonds, nuts, and chocolate chips with some amount of cocoa powder or cinnamon powder. This way, it will not let these ingredients sink at the bottom of the cake.
  • To cool down any hot liquid needed for baking quickly, use a bundt pan that’s filled with chilled ice water. The hole in the center helps to cool down the hot liquid.
List Of Our Favourite Tips For Smart Baking
List Of Our Favourite Tips For Smart Baking

Some More Tips For Smart Baking

  • For making a crack-free cake, it is better to check the temperature of the cake with an oven thermometer.
  • Always check your dish 5-7 minutes before the given time so that it does not burn.
  • Thicker baking sheets are better for heat retention.
  •  Running the sheets under tap water is the best way to cool the layers.
  • When one tray of cookies is in the oven, get another plate ready with a new parchment paper to save time.
  • Do not throw the baking sheet after one use, try and reuse it for 4-5 times.
  • For softer cookies, roll the dough in the parchment paper and then chill it.
  • Using a cookie cutter over the parchment sheet helps to make better shapes.
  • For making round cookies use a paper towel tube.
  • It’s always better to grate the butter than to use cubes.
  • The glass pie plate is suitable for baking; it helps to monitor the dish while baking it.
  • Use pie weights to prevent the pie from puffing.
  • Using a preheated baking stone or sheet to make a soft bottom pie.
  •  To avoid the soggy bottom of pie sprinkles little cornstarch or flour.
  • Some Extra Tips
  • Preserve a small amount of dough to fill the cracks in the pie crust.
  • Use ice water to shape the cookies with hand.
  • For perfect baking, ingredients should be kept at room temperature.
  • Try and incorporate as much air as possible when creaming butter and sugar.
  •  Do not over mix the dough. It builds in gluten that makes the cookie chewy.


To bake smartly, use the above-given tips. These tips will surely enhance the baking skills of an individual.  Making small changes here and there helps to cook correctly. Trying something new can prove to be beneficial.

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