Little Pony Cake Design Ideas For Small Chores And Smiles On Kid Faces

Little Pony Cake Design Ideas For Small Chores And Smiles On Kid Faces

The Big McIntosh cartoon character known for his easy going attitude and lack of concerns about social graces and human sensibilities is the inspiration for a mini cake design called the Little Pony. Cake decorators have discovered that these can be both simple and extravagant in style and presentation. The Little Pony theme brings a whole new way to decorate cakes with more than just a small cake.

The four ponies that were included in the first edition of the Little Pony movie, where all now animated and live on the Disney Channel. These were released through the DreamWorks Animation Studio, which also developed the popular TV series, “The Powerpuff Girls.”

Interesting Story Of Little Pony

For those who do not know the show, the Little Pony is a young girl that could never do anything right or could not abide by social conventions and quickly became a figure of fun, some say sarcasm and amusement. They are always kind, even when they should be cruel, and always having a good time. The characters were designed in the cartoon style and are very simple but elegant in their design.

Miniature Cakes Trend

What are some of the uses for this theme by bakers and bakery owners? The miniature cakes, when displayed as part of a display can be quite stunning and just the right size for display at the party. This is the perfect way to attract people and to enhance the event.

Little Pony Cake Design Ideas For Small Chores And Smiles On Kid Faces
Little Pony Cake Design Ideas For Small Chores And Smiles On Kid Faces

Cake Look Beautiful And Creative Overall

When these cakes are placed in front of people, there are bound to be some smiles. The cakes are sure to attract and delight children, all of whom love the ponies. The ponies do not exist as an actual set of goods, instead they are a cartoon figure and that is what they represent. But for anyone who owns the ponies, and even if they do not, it does not mean that they cannot enjoy the beauty of the cakes they brought home to their family.

Everyone Notice The Cake Design

The cakes can then be displayed as a centerpiece on a table in the party. Some prefer them as decoration in the center of the buffet line, others prefer them placed in the serving area. One bakery owner has taken her Little Unicorn as the centerpiece of her table. She has added some little displays of the other four ponies that were featured in the show. The displays have accessories for the dresses and for the hair colors.

One baker has not only given these cakes away as gifts, but she has used them to make her own desserts. She even had the ponies included in the filling of some of the cookie recipes. This was the perfect use for them, and one baker even put her little ponies into a similar recipe.

Creativity With Features

A majority of the cakes that feature the ponies are made from white fondant. However, sometimes, bakeries will add different flavors to the mix. There are even some versions that feature chocolate covered cherries. It seems the combination of sweets is always a hit.

Plan Surprise For Your Family

For the customers that were not able to get the chance to purchase the Little Pony themselves, this has been a gift that they can take home to their family. It is a gift that they will be able to share with their children and grandchildren. When they use these gifts as a keepsake for a grandchild or a child, they will always be able to remember that the best thing about the holidays is the gift.

Little Pony Cake Design Ideas For Small Chores And Smiles On Kid Faces
Little Pony Cake Design Ideas For Small Chores And Smiles On Kid Faces

Get All Particular Size Design

The Little Pony designs can be found in just about any size and shape. They can be small, regular sized, large, and even round. The ponies are so realistic that you could put them in any room in your home that you want.

Suitable For All Type Of Celebrations

Bakers are able to make these cakes and make them into a cake or use them as a frosting cake. They have found that they can do just about anything with them. They do not have to be used as a cake but are much better suited for decorating around a holiday like Thanksgiving. It is that they can use them for Valentine’s Day and Easter.


There are so many ways that this cake design can be used. It can be used as a little wedding cake, for a small event, or it can be used at a party where there are hundreds of people. or thousands of people at it. It is something that will always have a place in everyone’s heart.

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