Measuring Cups And Spoons 7Pcs/Set

Measuring Cups And Spoons 7Pcs/Set

Measuring cups and spoons are a necessary kitchen tool. With the help of this tool, your cooking will become easier. Now you can be more efficient in the kitchen with this tool. This kitchen tool helps to make an exact measurement of the ingredients that you need while cooking. You can use this measuring cups and spoons for measuring liquid, powder, grains and many more items. It is an important kitchen tool, especially while baking. Baking requires accurate measurement and a wrong measurement will spoil your cakes or cookies. It is portable as well as lightweight. These are made of good-quality plastic. It is easy to store. It comes with clear marking and labels printed in cups and spoon which enable you to measure accurate ingredients while cooking as well as baking. This kitchen tool is long-lasting and also heat resistant. 

Measuring Cups And Spoons 7Pcs/ Set

These measuring cups are capable of measuring up to half a liter of the content. These measuring cups and spoons come along with the clear marking and labels printed on the side of the tool. So that it helps you make the correct measurement. In case you want to measure liquid while cooking. Then this measuring tool comes with spout design for easy pouring. Because of the included lid design now you can keep the content clean and is also leak proof.

By using the lid you can pour the liquid through a strainer. Because it comes with a hole design on it. Which makes it easier while dealing with liquid. It is ideal when you are measuring the content in liters, ounces or cups. With the help of measuring spoon, you can measure the correct amount of everything like salt, sugar, herbs and many more food items. It is a perfect tool for cooking and baking. It enables you to get the correct measurement while cooking. This enables you to cook faster and tasty food. With this measuring tool.

Durable Quality 

All items ensure quality as well as durability because of the plastic material used. These measuring cups and spoons are made up of PP material. This is non-toxic and of food-grade quality. These spoons are attached together in one hook for convenient and easy to use.  This measuring cups and spoons are available in different size that is given below

  • Measuring Cups- diameter is about 8.5 cm, Height- 13 cm, Capacity 500 ml
  • Measuring Spoons- capacity- 2.5ml / 5ml / 7.5ml / 15ml / 60ml / 80ml.

It is easy to hold due to its lightweight construction.

Must-Have In A Kitchen

Every kitchen must-have this measuring spoons and cups. It has a 7pcs set. It is designed in such a way that it meets all your kitchen requirements. Sometimes when you try new recipes you don’t know how to do. But with the help of this tool, you will be confident that you are taking the right measurement. Because each comes with measuring labels that help you to take an accurate measurement of ingredients.  Because of this reason this tool is an important kitchen tool.

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