Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas – Easy to Make Decorations For Your Party

mickey mouse cake ideas

He has become an international icon and is represented by several cartoons in commercial advertisements, cartoons, clothing and other merchandise. Some of the most famous are Mickey Mouse ears, clothes, accessories and his own Disney film. No wonder kids love to eat cakes shaped after him.

Can Be Bought At Any Bakery Shop Or At Specialty Stores

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Cakes shaped after his head, feet, tail, face and ears are widely sold and can be bought at any bakery shop or at specialty stores. A lot of creative ideas have been added to these edible delights over the years. Mickey Mouse cakes are usually served as a dessert after a meal, but some kids also prefer them as an afternoon snack.

A simple Mickey Mouse cake makes a great birthday surprise for kids celebrating his 5th birthday or for a child who is celebrating his special day. The simple design comes in five sizes from small cupcake to large rectangular cakes that are decorated with Mickey Mouse or other cartoon characters. Some Mickey Mouse cakes have a frosted shape containing his head. Others display his friends Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

Use Mickey Ears Or Tails

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You can use Mickey ears or tails in place of the traditional Mickey Mouse head. frost the top of a cupcake with white frosting and sprinkle some small Mickey ears at the top corners. You can decorate the rest of the cake with colors that coordinate with your kid’s birthday or event. If you’re planning a themed birthday party, Mickey Mouse cakes will add a unique touch. Decorate the center of the cake with a star shaped Mickey Mouse and invite guests to bring Mickey figurines.

Other Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas

Other Mickey Mouse cake ideas include making your own Mickey Mouse ears or tails. To make Mickey ears, use black pipe cleaners bent at the ends into three or four tubes. Cut two inch long strips and bend them into circles. Place the strips onto an unglazed baking pan and thread them through the baking pan like toothpicks. Brush them lightly with butter to finish.

Another great Mickey Mouse cake idea is to use orange food coloring to tint the cake white. Make or purchase orange cupcake mix, but make sure it is not orange juice. Pour half a cup of orange juice into one cup of water and mix until the orange is dissolved. Stir the mix well so the color is distributed throughout the cake.


You can buy kits that have all of the materials that you need for a Mickey Mouse cake, but you can also bake the Disney character yourself. Make Mickey Mouse cakes for your friends, family, and children. Have fun! You can look up all of the various ideas online. The possibilities are endless!

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