No Bake Easy Keto Cheesecake

easy keto cheesecake no bake

Cheesecake is a delicious dessert that everyone loves. But have you ever had one and felt too heavy afterward? That was probably because of the sugar, but more likely it’s because of the carbs in the crust. If you want to eat cheesecake without feeling weighed down, thisNo Bake Easy Keto Cheesecake recipe might be perfect for you!


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In this recipe, we replace the traditional crust with nuts which are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It also uses cream cheese instead of sour cream or whipped cream for a lighter texture and flavor. The result is an easy no bake keto cheesecake that tastes great without weighing you down after eating!


A piece of cake on a plate

8 oz softened cream cheese (room temperature)

3 eggs

1/3 cup Stevia (or sweetener of choice)

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Mix the cream cheese, Stevia, and lemon juice together with an electric mixer or food processor.

2. Separately mix the egg whites on high speed into stiff peaks then fold into the cream cheese mixture gently.

3. pour batter into a small round cake pan (8-inch diameter) lined with parchment paper for easy removal later on.

4. Chill overnight in the refrigerator before serving to allow flavors to develop. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for an easy keto dessert that doesn’t require any baking, this no bake easy keto cheesecake is perfect for you! It’s made with nuts and cream cheese for a delicious flavor, but it’s low in carbs so you won’t suffer the guilt after eating it.

Nutritional value

The nutritional value of the cheesecake is 241 calories in a small serving. It also has 26 grams of fat in a small serving.

benefits of No Bake Easy Keto Cheesecake

Some benefits of this recipe include that it is easy to make, does not require baking, and tastes delicious. It is also a great option for those who are on the keto diet, as it is low in carbs and high in fat. Those who are gluten intolerant can also enjoy this cheesecake, as it is made with almond flour. This recipe contains raw eggs, so individuals with certain health conditions should be cautious about consuming them.


No Bake Easy Keto Cheesecake Recipe is a fun and easy recipe that can be made in no time. If you want to enjoy delicious cheesecakes without all the work, this may just be the perfect dessert for you. Get your no bake easy keto cheesecake started with these simple steps. I hope you and your friends will definitely love it. Make it on any special occasion in just a few moments.

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