Sesame Street Cake Decorations

sesame street cake decoration

Sesame Street is a popular children’s TV program that has been entertaining viewers for over 60 years. In this series, a group of children called the “Fame Family” has a weekly task of trying to get their cake to the top of “The Biggest List”. As the show continues, the members of the family become more popular. These cakes may not be as large as those on television, but they can still dazzle your guests with their decorations.

One place where you might find sesame street cake decoration is at the New York City Center. This location will have competitions for cake decorating competitions in many different age groups, as well as from various countries. At this competition you can not only see the magnificent confections that the contestants create, but you can also mingle with other cake decorators and make new friends. The Cake Walk is another place where cake decorating is very popular.

Big Bird

A truck on a city street

The streets of New York City have been adorned with a number of different types of street cake decorations. One of these creations is called Big Bird, which was created by the Cookie Monster. Others include characters such as Hello Kitty, Squidward, and Mr. Bear.

There are several places within the greater New York area, where you can find street cake decorations. In Manhattan there is the Maspeth bakery, which has two locations. At one location you can watch the famous Cookie Monster in action, and at the other, you can get a sneak peak at the latest Mascot parade. Both are located at the corner of Broadway and Madison Avenue, near the Bleecker Street subway station.

The Children’s Hospital Of Manhattan

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At the Children’s Hospital of Manhattan there is a shop that features a cake that comes decorated according to popular character. The shop includes several different types of cakes, including a pink princess cake and a blue cowboy and Indian cake. Another famous character that children love to be decorated with is Gummy the Shell. Children will also love the Sesame Street character cake. This character is depicted on the cake along with the common name of each child featured on the show.

There is another popular street cake decoration that features Kermit the Frog. This character is featured on the children’s television show that features him on their nightly news show. When the cake is decorated according to this character, it can bring out the fun of watching the news. Many people enjoy reading the daily news, and watching a character like Kermit on a cake is a great way to entertain guests while they are waiting for the news.

The Internet

The Internet is a great place to find ideas for making your own street cake decoration. There are many websites that feature different types of cakes. They will have pictures of the cake that will make decorating the cake fun as well as providing you with ideas for the decorations. Some of these websites even offer recipes that will allow you to add your own flair to the cake. If you cannot find any designs that capture your interest, there are still several websites that feature cake decorations that feature popular characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Jim Carrey, or Bugs Bunny.


These are just some of the many characters that can be found on a Sesame Street cake. Children enjoy having these characters in their lives and seeing them on a sweet, vanilla, and celebratory cake is sure to brighten their day. Getting a character cake for your next party is sure to be a big hit for all of the children that come. Once they see this character on a special cake, they will want to recreate the scene that is shown on the television.

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