Simple Cake Ideas For Your Next Birthday

simple cake ideas

From pastries to ice cream, from sponge cakes to cupcakes, from custom molds to edible flowers, there are so many options out there for you to choose from. Here’s a few of my favorite simple cake ideas for the kids.

Kids love color and simple cake decorating ideas. Let them come up with their own designs. For instance, a flower themed cake could consist of a bunch of little rose petals and a few stems sticking out of the center. If you want to have a princess theme, then use pink cupcake wrappers with a princess design. Another great color scheme would be yellow frosting that matches the color of the petals of flowers. Another idea would be using red frosting with a gold design on white cake or cupcake.

Chocolate Cakes

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The next step for some simple cake ideas is to look at different types of chocolate cakes. You can get a simple chocolate cake at a grocery store bakery or buy one at a bakery shop online. If you want to go with a more formal look, then buy some chocolate frosting to match your cake. Simple chocolate cakes for a boy’s birthday can have foil covered chocolate cake decorations complete with a bow and the date of his birthday on each cake.

What about a simple dessert that’s not as pretty? Eniola is a delicious ice cream that comes in two flavors–resin and chocolate. It’s a very simple cake, just in the shape of an ice cream scoop. You could bake a stack of eniola cookies and frost them in different colors or make a nice one for your son. Baking eniola cookies requires only a double boiler and some vegetable oil, a pinch of salt, and flour. You can also use a candy or chocolate chip cookie recipe for this dessert.

A Rainbow Cake

A plate of birthday cake on a table

A rainbow cake is another fun idea that’s simple and not expensive. You can get a rainbow cake that’s decorated with hearts, stars, stripes, dots, and a lot of other patterns. You can use this rainbow cake for your baby’s birthday or even for a child’s nursery. With a little shopping around and mixing, you can have a nice one for your child’s special day.

Some easy cake recipes will include cupcakes. These are so much easier than baking a traditional cake. They can be made at home or purchased in a store. Most cupcakes are baked in a microwave safe bowl. You can get a good selection of some really nice easy chocolate recipes from a store or a website.

Eniola Carrot Cake

Eniola’s bakery offers several types of cakes. A couple of them you may have seen online. One of these is their Eniola Carrot Cake, which is encased in a Carrot Cake Shell.

This cake is covered in white frosting and comes with a toasted marshmallow topping. It’s topped with a chocolate chip cookie and you will find this to be very pretty and delicious birthday cakes.


For your child’s next birthday, you might want to consider something new and nice. Consider getting him or her a Rainbow Cake. There are lots of options out there. With a little searching, you can find some good easy recipes and even make them yourself. This type of cake can be used for almost any special occasion. With easy recipe ideas and a rainbow of colors, you can make a wonderful cake for your little girl or boy.

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