Snack Tray Stackable Is A Unique Product

Snack Tray Stackable

You must be tired of using rectangular-shaped serving trays. These old-fashioned trays now look mundane and boring after using for ages. We all look for something fresh and fashionable. Well, we have a solution for you. Now you can use Snack Tray Stackable with different geometric shapes. These stackable geometric trays are available in different colors. Now you can stack them with each other to make a bigger tray.

Moreover, you can use each small tray separately. These trays are more like playing puzzle, which is not so puzzling. Now your tea-table and the cabinet will look more stylish and colorful.

Snack Tray Stackable Geometric Shapes

The trays are available in rhomboidal or hexagonal shapes. You can stack or join them with one another with their edges. Moreover, you can choose to use one single tray, if you don’t need a bigger room to serve food. Since these trays are available in different shapes and colors, you can mix and match the set while serving food.

Now you can get rid of the mundane design of the snack tray. Besides, you can use different styles of arrangement with these snack trays.

Multi-purpose Stackable Geometry Trays

You can serve a cup of cappuccino or a cup of best Darjeeling tea on those fancy trays. Serve some snacks, nuts, or dry fruits whenever the guests visit your place. These geometric tables can be used both at home and in the office.

 You can use these stackable geometry trays for a different purpose. Apart from serving food, you can keep jewelry, small potted plants, show-pieces, scented candles, and other small items.

Snack Tray Stackable: Product Details:

The whole package comes with four pieces of stylish stackable trays. You can mix and match them the way you want. Each piece of tray perfectly fits together to fulfill your need. These stackable geometric trays are available in small, medium, and large size. We are enlisting the approximate size of these snack trays.

The size of the large  trays are 32.8 x 18.9 x 1.8cm  by 12.91 x 7.44 x 0.7 inches.

The medium trays are  21.7 x 18.8 x 1.8cm  by 8.54 x 7.4 x 0.7 inches in size. 

However, the small trays are 18.4 x 10.5 x 1.8cm  of 7.24 x 4.13 x 0.7 inches in size.

The trays are made of polypropylene plastic (PP) which is known as thermoplastic. They have the lowest density. This property makes PP made articles lightweight. PP has a very high melting point. Hence, they don’t get easily damaged when they come in contact with heat. You can put a hot coffee mug or a bowl of hot chicken soup on top of the tray. They won’t get damaged.

Each set of the stackable geometric tray is available at $26.9. Moreover, you can get these stylish sets of trays worldwide without paying any shipping cost.


Get rid of those old fashioned rectangular trays and add some more color to your daily life. We are sure that these fashionable trays will make your kitchen look unique with their bright colors.

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