Stunning Cake Decoration Tips With Chocolate

A cake with a dessert on a plate

Bakers have managed to create exceptional cakes over the years not only in terms of texture and flavor, but also in terms of decorations. Today, you can get stunning cakes decorated with chocolate. Chocolate is a very versatile ingredient used for cake decorations. You can use it in varied ways to enhance the beauty of a cake. For a newbie who loves chocolate, here are some easy ways of cake decoration with chocolate.

Chocolate Dip

A piece of cake on a plate

If  you love strawberries, pineapples or raspberries, here is a quick trick to decorate your cakes with chocolate and these fruity delights. Once you have baked your cake and frosted it with fresh cream or icing, it is the turn for decoration. A simple way is to dip your strawberries, raspberries or any other fruit you like into melted chocolate sauce. Lay these over wax paper until the chocolate dries up. Decorate your cakes with these chocolate-covered fruits to enhance their look.

Chocolate Decorations

A piece of chocolate cake on a table

Once your cake is all baked and frosted, you can play with different kinds of chocolate decorations. An easy way is to spread wax paper and take chocolate ganache in a piping bag. Make pretty shapes such as leaves, flowers, or butterflies, or any other abstract designs that come to you easily. Let the designs dry. Once dry, gently remove them from the wax paper and arrange them over your cake in a pretty way. This is a quick and easy way to decorate your cakes.

Chocolate Shavings

A really simple trick is to take a cheese grater and shave a chocolate bar to get very thin chocolate shavings. Let these fall directly over a frosted cake to make your cake look very pretty. This is an easy way to decorate a cake when you do not have much time.

Chocolate Animals

Baking a cake for Christmas? Here is a cool chocolate decoration idea for your cake. After your basic cake is baked and cooled. Put the fresh cream coating or royal icing. You need not be very sharp with your knife and just let the white fresh cream icing lay over your cake to make it look like snow. Now take a wax paper and make chocolate penguins on the paper. Take some edible ink to make an orange nose and white eyes. Let the penguins dry and then you can put these on the cake along with some chocolate trees painted in green.

Chocolate Waves

To make chocolate waves, you will need both white and dark chocolate. Melt your chocolates and pour them in a piping bag. Spread a wax paper ready on the counter. Make delicate waves of both the chocolates one by one on the paper to get colored chocolate waves. Once dry, remove them carefully and use them as decoration for your cakes.

Chocolate Lollypops

Take melted chocolate in a piping bag and make sticks on a parchment paper. Next make rounded balls of chocolate at the top of the sticks to make them look like lollypops. Add colored candy or sprinklers on the round tops and let dry. Remove carefully from the paper when dry and decorate your cake with these chocolate lollypops.

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