Summer Cake Flavors That Can Help You Make Interesting Cakes This Time

summer cake flavors

If you are throwing a party, many recipes are bound to wow your guests to celebrate. Create a stunning celebration cake for an occasion with our favorite summer bakes. Nothing says party time like a towering triumph of strawberries cream and colorful meringues whether you are in a mood for white chocolate cake and strawberry angel cake or a fancy slice of a berry studded loaf, there is a summer cake to cure these cravings. The summer flavor cake is ideal for feeding hungry crowds.

Summer Cake Flavors

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Summer cake flavor is a delicious mix of summer ingredients: Strawberries, Victoria sponges, Fresh Cream, Meringues, and buttery shortbread producing exotic flavor. Raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants, peaches, or strawberries make a gorgeous gateau of summer flavor cakes.

Summer flavor cake is the ultimate versatile sponge; you can use whatever seasonal fruit you have in your hand by mixing it in, producing exotic and delicious summer flavor cake.

How It Is Made

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Dry ingredients

1) Mix 13/4 cup all-purpose flour (230g).

2) 31/3 baking powder.

Wet Ingredients

3) 1 1/3 cup sugar (260g), 3 large eggs.

Wisk until thick and pale.

4) Add 2tsp vanilla extract. 2/3 cup of oil (160ml).

5) 2/3 cup plain yogurt (150g).

Stir slowly, do not over mix.

Put the whole mixture in pans of 9inches (23cms), greased, and lined with cake strips.

Preheated oven 175 degrees Celsius. 23 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the center comes out clean.

After 23 minutes remove it from pans and cool it completely.

Summer Frosting

9) 16oz full-fat cream cheese (450g), whisk until fluffy.

10) 2/3 cup powdered sugar (80g) sniffed.

11) 1 tsp vanilla extract, 2 tsp gelatin, and 1 1/2 tbsp water.

Leave for 5 minutes.

12) Heat in microwave until fluffy and dissolved.

13) Add 1 cup whipping cream (250ml) 35 min 35% fat chilled.

14) Mix it all gently chill it in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Now, put it on baked fluffy bread and put fruits and nuts topping over it and enjoy luscious exotic mouth-watering summer cake. We have 10 cakes that are bound to wow your guests celebrate seasonal fruit, stunning sponges out there decorations with these truly brilliant cakes.

We can also prepare summer flavor cake without doing the summer frosting procedure.

The Summer Cake Flavors You Must Try This Year 2021

1) Pineapple pudding summer flavor cake.

2) Banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

3) Coconut chiffon cake.

4) Grandma’s strawberry shortcake.

5) Lemon sheet cake.

7) Spiced pineapple up down cake.

8) Strawberry Rhubarb upside-down cake.

9) Mamaw strawberry cake.

10) Pineapple carrot cake.


We can enjoy different types of cakes at different moments but summer flavor cake is full of healthy and nutritious ingredients, Fruits nuts, Eggs, and many other things. Go and enjoy this exotic and mouth-watering recipe to refresh your senses.

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