The Chocolate Chip Pie With Graham Cracker Crust An Overview

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

The chocolate chips are chocolate disks that are filled with chocolate fillings or chocolate mixtures made of sugar, chocolate liquor, cream, butter, and vanilla essence.

The chocolate chips are chocolate mixtures that are made of chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter or fat, milk solids (non-dairy creamer), vanilla extract, and whole eggs. The chocolate chips are chocolate disks; they come in different sizes depending on what you prefer. They can come in the form of candy bars like Snickers, Twist chocolate bars, chocolate baking chocolate disks that are normally used for chocolate chips cookies.

An Overview

A close up of a piece of chocolate cake on a plate

The chocolate disk is made of cocoa liquor, sugar, and some non-fat milk solids. The chocolate disk can also contain vanilla extract and lecithin.

These chocolate chips are very carefully melted with butter or shortening to make it soft before putting them inside the pie crust so they don't harden when it's baked. When the chocolate chips cool down, they will be firmly attached to pie crust which you can easily munch through until every last crumb is gone.

The process of making this dish involves placing a layer of chocolate chip on top of graham cracker crust then pouring the mixture into the prepared crusts.

The chocolate chip pie is assembled by pouring chocolate chips chocolate mixtures into the graham cracker crust.

Chocolate Chip Pie with Graham Cracker

A close up of a piece of chocolate cake on a plate

When you cook this chocolate chip pie, it should take 40 minutes to an hour before it's ready to be served. The ingredients that are needed for cooking this dish include Graham cracker crusts, chocolate disks, melted butter or shortening (amount depends on how many pies you will be making), whipping cream (whipping can also be done manually), vanilla extract, granulated sugar, and chocolate liquor. Before you start to prepare your chocolate chip pie, make sure that your oven is already switched to 350 degrees Fahrenheit so no time will be wasted waiting for the oven temperature to reach temperature or even worst finding out that it's not already thereafter you've started cooking.

If the chocolate chip pie isn't chocolate enough for your taste, chocolate chips are available in different chocolate flavors. You can even try adding cocoa powder to make it chocolate. As long as the chocolate is not too sweet for your taste buds then you're good to go!

The chocolate chip pie with Graham cracker crust is a recommended dish that has chocolate mixtures of different flavors and tastes without the need of adding chocolate brands or topping it up with more sugar because of its sweetness. Those who love chocolate will definitely love this dish especially if they prefer something light on their taste buds so they won't be overwhelmed by its flavor but instead enjoy every minute of eating delicious pies with lots and lots of chocolate chips chocolate disks.

In the End

For chocolate chip pies with Graham cracker crust, you should know that they taste great and that they will surely satisfy chocolate chip lovers and chocolate pie lovers alike.

You may also need to chill chocolate chip pies with graham cracker crusts in order to make chocolate chip pies with Graham cracker crusts that are firm.

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