Top 7 Best Wedding Cake Flavors You Need To Try

best wedding cake flavors

We can’t deny that cake tasting is one of the interesting jobs in the wedding planning process. That is until you really have to decide on a flavor, and several queries about backed goods begin hitting your head. Are the more conventional flavors too plain? Do I need to stick to just one flavor?

We are here to introduce you to the best wedding cake flavors you actually need to try.

7 Best Wedding Cake Flavors

1. Romantic Roses

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Rose cakes are delicately sweet and a little bit sugary. You can take this flavor cake to the next level by including some dazzling pressed flowers. Adding lots of pressed rose to your floral flavored cake isn’t only uber-romantic and on-them, but it is also a refreshing modification to the traditional fresh blooms that embellish wedding cakes.

2. Chocolate Meets Cheery

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If you’re the kind of bride or groom who wants an indulgent wedding cake, then picking a black forest will fulfill all your sweet requirements. However, sometimes black forests look like a typical old chocolate cake, but it has a tangy twist.

It is best known for its tantalizing cherry filling. This cake will surely have you licking your spoon & have a second slice!

3. Time For Earl Grey Tea

Earl grey tea flavor wedding cake is taking the world by storm! This is typically British flavor creates a fragrant and delicate sponge that won’t be too overwhelming on your guests’ taste buds. Serve earl Grey cake with whipped cream and strawberries to fully achieve a beautiful high tea vibe.

4. Citrus Delights

If you are planning a summertime wedding, blindly opt for a cake flavor that emanates zest for life & fun in the sun. Orange and lemon are great flavors to pick for a sunny celebration. Mix these flavors to create an enticing citrus combination. Top the cake with lemon slices, zesty meringues, and orange wedges to achieve a summertime dream cake.

5. Nutty With Pistachio

If you are willing to keep your cake choice fresh, vibrant, and natural, then it’s time to get nutty about this unique flavor. Match this choice with a rosewater buttercream frosting to get your guests coming back for seconds, thirds, and so on.

6. Matcha

In recent years, the world has gone mad for matcha. But why? Green tea wedding cakes are popular in the 21st century and likely to continue.

 This flavor is undoubtedly scrumptious, and the unique color is perfect for any couple planning a wedding. It looks like having an organic beauty and is filled with natural colors.

7. Pink Bubbles

The pink champagne cake is in trend today! It is a deliciously cheeky cake flavor and too yummy to eat. This rosy-colored cake is romantic, flirty, and fun which makes it perfect for your wedding day.


Finally, you are up to date on the wedding cake flavors, and it’s time to decide one best for your auspicious wedding. Gone are the days when you were dependent on vanilla and chocolate wedding cakes.

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