Unicorn Cake Ideas – Unique Birthday Party Favors For Little Girls

Unicorn Cake Ideas

Terrific unicorn cake ideas for making your own Unicorn cake is an easy and creative way to celebrate your child’s birthday. This delightful creature with a beautiful and enchanting color scheme has always been a favorite birthday party theme, especially for little girls, and has even become one of the top choices for wedding cakes. The unicorn can be made with just about any flavor you want for your birthday celebration.

Dress Your Girl According To The Theme

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One perfect birthday party idea for a girl is to have her decorated in a pink princess dress with a tiara and an umbrella. You can also add a little pink streamers and ribbons around the sides of the dress for an even more festive feel. Add a fairy tale-themed centerpiece, which should be made up of a big glass bowl filled with fruits and berries that look like they are falling from the sky. If you have a lot of fruit at home, a single big fruit basket is an ideal place to put it all.

Another great unicorn cake idea and ideas for making your own is to make a large cake out of fondant or chocolate fondant. Next, use a small amount of white fondant or chocolate to fill in all the gaps between the cake layers. Use red, blue, yellow, purple, or orange frosting to create a colorful pattern.

Making Unicorn Cakes

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For decorations, you can choose to make a single cake in the shape of the unicorn or have several cakes in the same design. Another fun unicorn cake idea for a birthday party is to make a miniature version and cut it out on the table. You can even cut out pictures or designs on the face of the cake.

When you are planning your cake, consider some decorating tips that will ensure that your cake will stand out among other cakes that are on display at your party. The best way to ensure that your cake stands out is to choose a design and color scheme that you love. A well-constructed rainbow cake can also be a beautiful and impressive addition to any birthday party.

Deciding To Buy Or Bake Cake On Your Own

While making your unicorn cake, you should also decide whether to buy a ready-made cake, or make your own. Both options are very effective. You will have all the supplies necessary to do a DIY Unicorn cake, but you won’t have to wait until the last minute to make your cake. In fact, some of these days, making a cake with unicorn-shaped frosting and icing can be done right before you need it. It’s a much better idea to make your own rather than buy it, as buying premade frosting from the store can end up costing you a lot of money.

Last Words

It is not necessary to make your own cake to make the perfect unicorn cake. There are so many different websites online that offer recipes and designs for cake baking. You can even purchase ready-made decorations online. That being said, if you are looking for something unique and unusual, consider making your own cake. Even if you decide to use premade decorations, you can be sure that your creation will look and taste delicious.

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