Why Should You Avoid Food Coloring?

Why Should You Avoid Food Coloring?

It’sIt’s very difficult to find to avoid food coloring in the world of colorful foods. You will find them everywhere, such as in salad dressings, cake frosting, soda, yogurt, candy, and much more. The coloring foods do not end here, and you can also find them cough syrups, vitamins, laundry, shampoo, detergent, and most cosmetic products. In fact, the consumption of food dyes has increased by more than 600% in the past few years, and children intake the most. But they are not good for you and your kid’s health. So it’s essential to switch food coloring to live a healthy and happy life.

Why Should You Avoid Food Coloring?
Why Should You Avoid Food Coloring?

Some Worst Food Coloring To Avoid:

The best way to avoid food dyes is to watch out for these seven dyes that we mention below instead of listing the actual ingredients. If you find any listed, then avoid such products.

Brilliant Blue- Food Coloring:

This dye is mostly found in soda, coffee, baked stuff, cereal, candy, and chewing gum. Several studies show that brilliant blue color directly affects your kidney. So, if you see it in such products, then avoid it.

Indigo Carmine- Food Coloring:

Just like brilliant blue, its found in candy, beverages, and drugs. But it can also present in pet food and processed food. Although experts believed that it is less harmful than other food dyes, it leads to worsening hyperactivity in children. Plus, some people experience allergic reactions to this blue dye.

Fast Green:

This dye is most commonly found in beauty products, care products, candy, cosmetic products, ice cream, and lipstick. Moreover, fast green has banned in Europe as it has various adverse effects on your health.


This dye is mostly found in oral medication, baked goods, maraschino cherries, candy, and goods. It is considered that Red Erythrosine leads to thyroid carcinogen, and that’s why its use is banned in tropical drugs and cosmetics.

Allura Red:

It is the most commonly consumed and used food dyes. You can found it in baked goods, candy, cereal, soda, drugs, dessert powders, and cosmetics.

Why Should You Avoid Food Coloring?
Why Should You Avoid Food Coloring?

Here Are Some Reasons To Avoid Food Coloring:

  • Basically, ADHD is happened due to a combination of factors like brain structure, heredity, and environment. But food dyes may also be a cause of ADHD. Studies show that food dyes not only lead to ADHD but also causes several public health problems.
  • Several research and studies show that hyperactivity and food dyes are linked to each other. Colors build hyperactivity in children and diminish their mental health.
  • The reason why food dyes can lead to hyperactivity because of its neurotoxic properties. As neurotoxins, colors do not only affect hyperactive children but also impair behavior in both adults and non-hyperactive children as well.

12 Pieces Food Coloring Pigment Set

If you are unable to avoid food colors, then use 12 Pieces Coloring Pigment Set. It is approved by FDA and MSDS and suitable for baked cakes, icing, cupcakes, cookies, and much more.

To conclude, these are the reasons to avoid food coloring. Hopefully, this article will help you to avoid food dyes.

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